Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Princess & The Pea

When my sister let me borrow a couple of her quilts for our family pictures last month, I knew right away I wanted to double up on it and take some pictures of Jane. I spent a long time imagining how I wanted to put everything together, and then just waited until I finally gathered the energy to put it into action because I knew that it would take all my effort to do so.

Norah woke up from her nap and was SO excited to help me set up the "hundred mattresses". I used all three of the girls' mattresses and some couch cushions to stack on one another and then layered the quilts and colorful sheets, not forgetting the pea, of course.

By the time I finally got Jane to sit on top of all the wobbly mattresses, I was a sweaty sight. Norah stood behind me and made all sorts of sweet and silly sounds to get Jane to look our way and smile, while Lucy was clipped into her highchair occupied with a snack.

Despite having a couple of light stands, the lighting was seriously lacking. Though this picture in particular was the cause of all sorts of melt downs (on my part) during post processing, I really wanted some pictures of her sitting on top to honor the integrity of the fairy tale. Even if I was disappointed in the outcome, I just couldn't leave it out.

But these ones:
Nothing sweeter than this smiling naked baby.

I got this headband from Chloe Rose Couture and it was the perfect accessory to top it off.

I love this squish, and she has proved to be as sensitive a sleeper as the princess in Princess & The Pea.

The living room, aka studio set up, was quite a frightful sight once we were finished, and it may or may not have taken days to get it completely back to normal. ;)

Upon having Ryan look over this post before publishing, he informed me that he had never even heard of the story The Princess and The Pea. After I let my mouth hang open for five whole seconds and had a good laugh, I read him the original story, which can be found here--in case anyone else is in the dark. 

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  1. I think she looks adorable! Seriously, the picture is perfect. You are waayyyy to hard on yourself!