Monday, July 18, 2016

Snail Hunting

We have a serious snail infestation happening at our house. Ever since I first found a little snail hanging out around my precious tomato plants, I've kept a sharp eye open for them around the garden and we've collected a whole army since.

It has now become part of our morning routine to go outside after breakfast and hunt for snails. The girls love doing it, and it's actually fun for me and quite satisfying when I catch them before trying to sneak in my garden. I was surprised how both Norah and Lucy didn't mind picking up the snails since they are scared of even a house fly, though they were careful to only touch their shells.

One morning, we started our snail hunting ritual a bit earlier than normal, and in turn we found so many more snails than usual. We combed through the garden area when Lucy exclaimed she found some on the other side of the yard. It was a jackpot. Norah kept shouting excitedly, "Look! I found another one! Oh, Look! Another one here!" until we gathered up twenty six all together. Twenty six! And I guarantee if we had kept searching, we would have found even more.

Lucy was so excited about it when we were piling them all up in one clump on the cement that she accidentally stepped on one while wearing boots. And then when I asked her to be careful, she made it her mission to try and crush as many as she could. So she was banished from the sight.

The first time I found a couple of snails hanging out in the garden, I pulled them out to examine before giving them a new home. I told Norah they weren't good for the garden so we had to get rid of them, to which she replied, "yeah, we better take them to DI." She cracks me up.

Norah liked stacking them up and even gathered the courage to put them on her hand and let them slime their way across her fingers.

It was fascinating to watch them feel their way around, seeping, oozing, and dribbling all over the cement. Whenever we picked them up, they quickly squeezed their clammy bodies back into their shell, leaving a blob of bubbles behind.

We gathered them all up, put them in a napkin and bid them adieu as they were on their way to the trash. No snail, no matter how cute they may be, is messing with my tomato garden.

Not pictured: the three snails who met their untimely death due to Lucy's vigorous stomping.

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