Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pioneer Day

Ryan had Monday off in observance of Pioneer Day, so we spent the morning watching way too many movies and then decided to brave the heat to check out some activities going on.

The city library had their pioneer museum open and some fun displays. There were a lot of people dressed up in pioneer costumes telling stories, spinning yarn, and doing all sorts of things pioneers would have done back in the day.

We poked around in the little museum and Norah especially liked the old stove. 

One lady had a wheat grinder and let Norah try it out, then we grabbed a few samples of her homemade bread and butter and roamed on over to the next exhibit.

I knew the girls would really enjoy the washing laundry activity. And they probably would have if the lady hadn't been so cranky crank. 

Both of them just wanted to scrub and dunk, then scrub and dunk, then soap and soap and soap. But apparently, this wash needed to be done, like, now! So it was cut short.

After our toddlers were called "stubborn" and "bull-headed" we decided it was time to get out of that muggy heat. Poor lady was probably just dying in her bonnet and dress, so i guess we'll give her a break.

I was sad it was way too hot to really stay and enjoy the set up. But next year I'm planning on better weather. Or at least the girls will be older (and hopefully less bull-headed ;)).

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  1. My little cousin (she's four) just got a washboard and basin for her birthday. It's, like, the best thing ever. I never understand grouchy people at these kind of things. If you don't like kids, stay home! You're obviously far more forgiving that I am.