Wednesday, July 13, 2016

American Fork Steel Days

American Fork Steel Days lasted all last week, but it wasn't until Saturday that we joined in the festivities. We started the morning by walking a few blocks down to watch the parade.

Jane was not impressed. Poor girl, she was so tired, but wouldn't fall asleep in the stroller since we forgot the binky (face palm).

The policemen started out the parade by zooming around on their motorcycles and blaring their sirens. Lucy loved waving at them. 

I stood on the street with the girls and we watched up close as the parade passed by. It was SO hot, and we were all red in the face by the end. We kept going back to Ryan in the shade and getting sips of water, but the girls wanted to stay out in the street to gather any candy that was thrown. Unfortunately, a lot of the parade floats were out of candy by the time they got to us since we were at the end of the route. Norah and Lucy each got two pieces and that was enough to satisfy them.

We left early so Jane could get some rest and we could cool down enough to have nap time before our next event. 

We headed to the city's Evening In The Park event, where they had and dozens of vendors, game booths, food samples, face painting, bouncy houses and slides, and all sorts of fun activities to keep us busy all night. We got in line for face painting and after listing all the options, Norah immediately chose a princess crown, of course. This picture of her is too precious.

She held very still and loved that it was finished with a puff of sparkles.

Lucy was a bit hesitant, but she really wanted a butterfly so I held her in my lap while the artist went to work.

 No words for these sweeties. 
They only allowed children ages one and up, so Jane missed out, but next year she can join in the fun.

Norah remembered the cow train ride from when we went last year, and was so excited! We couldn't find it at first so we were preparing to tell her the sad truth when Ryan spotted it on the far side of the field. It was tucked away so when we got there, there wasn't a line and we rode a few times in a row without waiting. Norah wanted to go over and over again.

This picture makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time! They are both big enough to go on rides by themselves and it was so funny to see them bumping along in their own little seats. teardrop.

Lucy liked it, but preferred to ride on someone's lap. I think we really scarred her from our trip to Lagoon a few months ago.

Norah couldn't be happier!

Lucy was not interested in the Chik-Fil-A cow one bit.

Her little corkscrew curl is just too adorable. Ryan calls it her pig tail.

After a few times down the bouncy slides, we took a watermelon break and met Rapunzel. Though they look completely disinterested in the picture, Norah and Lucy were actually really excited to see a real live princess.

 Jane wanted to make it clear that she was ready to go home so she threw up all over herself. It was the saddest thing. So we told Norah she could choose one more thing to do before going, and what do you think she chose?
Norah was so sad when we finally had to part with the cow train, though she was consoled when we said we would definitely come again next year.

It was so fun, and it just gets more and more fun every year as the girls grow old enough to participate!

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