Monday, June 27, 2016

Yahoo, Lucy's Two!

Today our wild Lucy girl turns two! She brings the energy into our family and we love her to bits!
Throughout her first year, I chose an outfit for her to wear while she grew. It's fun to see how quickly she outgrew the arms and legs. Here is the collage I made for her first birthday, but I just couldn't resist adding one or two more comparison pictures. :)

2 weeks  /  2 months
 4 months  /  6 months
 8 months  /  12 months
 2 years!

Lucy started out as a spitfire from the very beginning. She made sure we knew who was in charge when she entered the world before the doctor was even able to make it into the hospital (birth story here).
She continually keeps us laughing as she makes her opinions well vocalized and learns to express her likes and dislikes. 
It's about time we had a special day reserved for our sweet curly-head girl, and we have lots of fun plans to make it the best birthday yet! ;)

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