Sunday, June 19, 2016

We Heart Daddy!

I hit the jackpot in the father area. I have some really great fathers and father figures in my life, and Ryan is no exception. It's amazing what he is willing to do for our family. Not only does he help me get the girls ready for any outings, but I can always rely on him to find some cute matching outfits for them. If it weren't for him, they would look like homeless children 90% of the time. If you see us at the grocery store and they have clean faces and a bow in their hair, just know that it's all him.

Lately, Ryan has been waking up with the girls every morning. He feeds Jane, gets Norah and Lucy from their room, gives them each a cup of milk, and then brings them all in the bathroom with him while he gets ready for the day...all while I try and get a few more snoozes in. 

The girls still love watching out the window for when Ryan gets home from work. Norah usually says, "tell me about work, Dad" and Lucy fake cries so he will hold her. Jane just smiles like usual. :)
They always ask when he will be home and love whenever we get a chance to call him or Facetime on the phone. 

I had some pretty grand plans for father's day pictures of the girls as a surprise for Ryan, but then it turned into "if I can just get a picture of all three of them in the same general area, then that's good enough". I made all sorts of silly and loud noises to get them to look my way.

As soon as Norah would sit and smile, Lucy would jump and run off. Then as soon as I convinced Lucy to come back, Norah thought it would be funny to take a turn running away. Here they are before Lucy dashed off.

Lucy was demonstrating that she had the right to "sit right here!" Jane was all smiles and kept laughing, that is until I was finally able to get the other girls to smile...or at least not cry, then she went all poker faced.

The most darling three pairs of feet ever. 
Their round little toes just make me want to gobble them right up.
I love sharing them with Ryan and learning to raise them together.

These girls adore their daddy, and they have every reason to. Happy Father's day, Ryan! <3

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