Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two-rific Birthday!

We celebrated hard yesterday for this royal gem's birthday. We started out the day with Lucy's choice of french toast and eggs, crown included. And then with some strong encouragement from Norah, Lucy asked to watch the movie Brave.

Norah and I sang "Happy Birthday" approximately sixteen times before 10:00am.

Ryan took a half day and came home early so we could all go to Kangaroo Zoo, a bouncy play gym. There were so many fun slides and bouncy houses to choose from, the girls didn't know which way to go!

Norah was adventurous and tried every slide she could. The big ones didn't deter her for one second.

Jane was just the sweetest and loved watching everything. 

We took her on some slides too and the faces she made were so funny. She looked absolutely shocked and then would break out into a huge grin. 

Lucy wanted to go on the slides, but only if Ryan or I would go with her. Ryan showed her how to climb up herself and she caught on pretty fast.

We were sliding and bouncing for a while when I turned around the corner and saw Norah just taking a little break. 

Lucy climbed up by herself and then wouldn't come down. We tried for several minutes to cheer her on, but she just kept saying, "I CAN'T!"

So I climbed up and had her go down on her belly.

This is one of my favorites. I love Norah and Lucy's faces and how they are holding hands:)

We bounced and bounced and bounced to our hearts' content, and then we bounced some more. 

Pretty soon everyone was tuckered out and we decided to go hit up some other fun activities. 

But after just once more down the slide, poor Lucy got her arm stuck behind Ryan and got a major burn on her hand. Poor girl. :( She was crying the whole ride home and could hardly be consoled. 

But we wrapped it, kissed it, and distracted her by going to get some food. Lucy is a noodle girl, so we ordered her a big bowl of noodles and everyone was much happier. 

We then went over to a toy store and the girls were in heaven pushing around the cutest little mini shopping carts. 

Everything was worthy of stopping to touch and admire. It was so fun watching them look through the store, though we actually ended up leaving without anything, and no one seemed to mind.

We came home and sang "Happy Birthday" one last time then Lucy blew out her candle and we all had a teeny tiny slice. 

I'm so glad we had such fun celebrating our sweet girl, and I can't believe she is growing out of babyhood so quickly.


  1. I LOVE that picture of you and two of them on the slide. I love candid pictures of moms with their kids. I don't think we get enough of them. :) And I love Norah's face on that slide in the beginning pictures. HAHA. the scared/hesitant look. So cute! Happy birthday to your beautiful Lucy!