Friday, June 24, 2016

Room Sharing Update

It's been nearly two months since Norah and Lucy started sharing a room and the excitement still hasn't worn off for them! Lucy learned very quickly how to climb out of the crib and so we pulled the front rail off since she couldn't climb back in. However, that turned into utter chaos. She was climbing on the dresser, climbing in the blinds, pulling clothes and toys out, bothering Norah, etc. She truly didn't know how to handle so much freedom haha! 

So at the suggestion of another mom, I took off the mattress spring support and put it right on the ground. Except her crib rails don't go all the way to the ground so we've had to stuff blankets all around so she can't get out from underneath. But still, every night, she eventually shifts the crib enough to push on the mattress and squeeze through underneath. She usually gets her whole body through and then gets her head stuck. We put her back in, and it's usually too much work for her to try too many times after that.  

 This crib was in really good condition until they started sharing. I didn't notice that Lucy had been biting on it until it was too late to save. She transforms into a gremlin when she's upset and just bites on something to show her frustration. It's too bad that the crib had to bear the brunt end of the attack.

They both feed off of each other, but Lucy takes much longer to get bored and lay down. A few weeks ago, Ryan went in to check on them and noticed that Lucy had taken off her pants. But upon further investigation, he realized that she was diaper-less as well and had fallen asleep naked! Luckily, there were no accidents, but it sure gave me a good laugh. 

It gets so hot in their room and so before it's time for bed, we prepare by blowing all the fans we own from the window cooler in our kitchen towards their bedroom.
Poor Norah woke up with a bloody nose the other night because it was so hot!

Though it still takes a long time for them to settle down and fall asleep, sharing a room is such a fun part of childhood. I'm glad they will be able to experience it, even if it means Ryan and I both end up with less hair.  

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