Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Family Pictures June 2016

Way back in January, Ryan and I were sitting in the movie theater waiting for the movie to start when I opened instagram to see the results of a photoshoot giveaway that I had entered. Luckily we were the only ones in the theater, because when I saw that I had won, I was beyond ecstatic! 

The photographer was Alexis, from Alexis Foust Photography, and she was so great to work with. I booked our session for June because I wanted Jane to be a little bit older (and allow a little more time to lose some of that baby weight ;)). The search for coordinating outfits began. I found dresses for the girls way back in February and could not wait to buy them haha.

Ryan was a good sport for letting me dress him in the color of my choosing. The morning of the pictures, I was rushing around like a mad person trying to get everything and everyone ready. Poor Ryan was trying to iron his shirt but our old iron kept leaving little brown marks on it. The iron was in serious danger of losing it's life. But in the end, it worked out and we were on our way to meet Alexis at the Draper Wetland Park. 

I had purchased some sponge curlers a few weeks prior and had put them in Norah's hair one night, which ended up being a sleepless night for poor Ryan because she was so uncomfortable. But the result the next day was absolutely darling! And she kept sneaking into the bathroom to look at her curly hair in the mirror. So I decided to do it for pictures too. When I took them out beforehand, however, they were WAY more curly than I had anticipated! I was pretty sad/nervous because she looked like a clown, but after brushing it out a bit with a damp brush, it softened it a lot. 

Alexis captured some really cute ones of her, though it took some convincing to put the bag of animal crackers away and sit up on the chair. She had eaten our whole stash within 10 minutes of being there. So much for preparation! ;)

 Lucy. Sigh. She was just NOT having it. I was so sad that she wasn't willing to take any pictures because she really has such an adorable dimpled smile. We tried to let her take the lead, but that would have meant throwing a tantrum or just running as far from the camera as possible. Even though she wasn't happy, Alexis still got some pretty darn cute ones of her. 

I was worried that Jane would be grumpy since she was due for a nap, but she was really sweet and content the whole time. She was distracted by everything around her and couldn't focus on the camera for long. 

I borrowed this quilt from my sister. Our great (great?) grandmother hand stitched this and one other quilt and they are beautiful, so it's special to be incorporated into these pictures.

I wanted some of just the girls, so I tried to tickle their legs and blow on their tummies, but Lucy wasn't all that amused. She just wanted to go go go!

Jane: 6 months, Norah: 3.5, Lucy: Almost 2

I did everything in my power to look like a fool so that they would look our way and smile. Jumping around plus a blazing hot sun meant that I was getting gross and sweaty. 

I'm so glad we got a lot of different combinations of everyone. It's not very often that I get to be in pictures with the girls, and I love this one of all of us.

Norah's little smirk just kills me! I love this sweet family of mine, and I was so grateful that Alexis took the time to capture some really sweet pictures of us all. I am already planning to print these and display them in our living room.

Alexis surprised me and got the pictures back to us in just two days, which was WAY faster than she initially said. She was so fun to work with and get to know and I can't wait to use her again! Anyone in Logan (which is where she's from) or the Salt Lake/Utah County area, look her up and book her, because she is amazingly talented! :))

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  1. These are all so cute! Your family is adorable.