Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two-rific Birthday!

We celebrated hard yesterday for this royal gem's birthday. We started out the day with Lucy's choice of french toast and eggs, crown included. And then with some strong encouragement from Norah, Lucy asked to watch the movie Brave.

Norah and I sang "Happy Birthday" approximately sixteen times before 10:00am.

Ryan took a half day and came home early so we could all go to Kangaroo Zoo, a bouncy play gym. There were so many fun slides and bouncy houses to choose from, the girls didn't know which way to go!

Norah was adventurous and tried every slide she could. The big ones didn't deter her for one second.

Jane was just the sweetest and loved watching everything. 

We took her on some slides too and the faces she made were so funny. She looked absolutely shocked and then would break out into a huge grin. 

Lucy wanted to go on the slides, but only if Ryan or I would go with her. Ryan showed her how to climb up herself and she caught on pretty fast.

We were sliding and bouncing for a while when I turned around the corner and saw Norah just taking a little break. 

Lucy climbed up by herself and then wouldn't come down. We tried for several minutes to cheer her on, but she just kept saying, "I CAN'T!"

So I climbed up and had her go down on her belly.

This is one of my favorites. I love Norah and Lucy's faces and how they are holding hands:)

We bounced and bounced and bounced to our hearts' content, and then we bounced some more. 

Pretty soon everyone was tuckered out and we decided to go hit up some other fun activities. 

But after just once more down the slide, poor Lucy got her arm stuck behind Ryan and got a major burn on her hand. Poor girl. :( She was crying the whole ride home and could hardly be consoled. 

But we wrapped it, kissed it, and distracted her by going to get some food. Lucy is a noodle girl, so we ordered her a big bowl of noodles and everyone was much happier. 

We then went over to a toy store and the girls were in heaven pushing around the cutest little mini shopping carts. 

Everything was worthy of stopping to touch and admire. It was so fun watching them look through the store, though we actually ended up leaving without anything, and no one seemed to mind.

We came home and sang "Happy Birthday" one last time then Lucy blew out her candle and we all had a teeny tiny slice. 

I'm so glad we had such fun celebrating our sweet girl, and I can't believe she is growing out of babyhood so quickly.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yahoo, Lucy's Two!

Today our wild Lucy girl turns two! She brings the energy into our family and we love her to bits!
Throughout her first year, I chose an outfit for her to wear while she grew. It's fun to see how quickly she outgrew the arms and legs. Here is the collage I made for her first birthday, but I just couldn't resist adding one or two more comparison pictures. :)

2 weeks  /  2 months
 4 months  /  6 months
 8 months  /  12 months
 2 years!

Lucy started out as a spitfire from the very beginning. She made sure we knew who was in charge when she entered the world before the doctor was even able to make it into the hospital (birth story here).
She continually keeps us laughing as she makes her opinions well vocalized and learns to express her likes and dislikes. 
It's about time we had a special day reserved for our sweet curly-head girl, and we have lots of fun plans to make it the best birthday yet! ;)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Room Sharing Update

It's been nearly two months since Norah and Lucy started sharing a room and the excitement still hasn't worn off for them! Lucy learned very quickly how to climb out of the crib and so we pulled the front rail off since she couldn't climb back in. However, that turned into utter chaos. She was climbing on the dresser, climbing in the blinds, pulling clothes and toys out, bothering Norah, etc. She truly didn't know how to handle so much freedom haha! 

So at the suggestion of another mom, I took off the mattress spring support and put it right on the ground. Except her crib rails don't go all the way to the ground so we've had to stuff blankets all around so she can't get out from underneath. But still, every night, she eventually shifts the crib enough to push on the mattress and squeeze through underneath. She usually gets her whole body through and then gets her head stuck. We put her back in, and it's usually too much work for her to try too many times after that.  

 This crib was in really good condition until they started sharing. I didn't notice that Lucy had been biting on it until it was too late to save. She transforms into a gremlin when she's upset and just bites on something to show her frustration. It's too bad that the crib had to bear the brunt end of the attack.

They both feed off of each other, but Lucy takes much longer to get bored and lay down. A few weeks ago, Ryan went in to check on them and noticed that Lucy had taken off her pants. But upon further investigation, he realized that she was diaper-less as well and had fallen asleep naked! Luckily, there were no accidents, but it sure gave me a good laugh. 

It gets so hot in their room and so before it's time for bed, we prepare by blowing all the fans we own from the window cooler in our kitchen towards their bedroom.
Poor Norah woke up with a bloody nose the other night because it was so hot!

Though it still takes a long time for them to settle down and fall asleep, sharing a room is such a fun part of childhood. I'm glad they will be able to experience it, even if it means Ryan and I both end up with less hair.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Days With Toddlers

It can be disappointing when kids don't embrace new things. A new food, a new person, a new activity. I was feeling particularly frustrated about that after lathering bodies with sunscreen, squeezing those bodies into bathing suits, and laying out everything we could possibly need for an afternoon in the sprinklers only to have the water do nothing more than get the grass wet. 

I kept trying to coax Norah into running and getting wet, but she just gave me her toad face. Aka this:

I felt upset that I went to so much work and she wouldn't even put a toe in. And then I realized that I was being a big fat hypocrite because, although I like trying new things, I am no fan of change whatsoever (which is funny considering all the change we've been through the last few years). So I gave her the benefit of the doubt and let her steer clear of the sprinkler lest it turn her world upside down.

So instead she helped inhale the entire plate of watermelon slices in less than 5 minutes time.

As for Lucy,  I don't know why I even bothered putting her in a bathing suit, I was pretty positive she wouldn't go in the water, so it was unnecessary work. But I guess I was just making trouble for myself when I decided to dress her sans diaper. "Too much work" I said. I figured she'd already pooped that day and it wouldn't matter if she peed because the sprinkler (high hopes) would just wash it off, right? It was a rookie mistake.

After eating her fill--actually, who am I kidding, she is a bottomless pit and would have kept eating if there had been more watermelon--she roamed around looking for something to do because I said I was relaxing on the chair with Jane so if she wanted to swing she had to go on her belly instead of being pushed #meanmom. 


Little did I know she had hid behind the playhouse to conjure up a nice big present for me, for just a few minutes later, she walked over bow-legged style with a big fresh poop in her hand...how lovely. I hoped that a dog had sneaked in our backyard, but sure enough, it was her very own creation. 

 I guess I should just be glad it was while we were at home, but then again, I wouldn't have let her be so casual anywhere public. A thorough washing and she was as good as new, though I am still recovering. 

Yes, these girls always surprise me with exciting moments and I just have to write them down because some day I think they will be funny. Plus blackmail.