Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Ankle Bone's Connected to the Leg Bone

 Monday was finally the day Lucy was able to get her cast removed, and let me tell you, we were all looking forward to it. I was excited for her leg to get back to normal and so she could do her regular activities again. Norah was simply excited that we got to go to the doctor's office. And Jane was excited that she wouldn't get bonked in the head with a rock hard cast every time Lucy came around. ;)

Here we are waiting to have the nurse come talk to us. We pulled out the color swatch again and Lucy's knowledge of colors seems to have worsened since we were last here haha. 

The nurse told us that we had to take the cast off before getting a follow up x-ray because leaving the cast on would make the x-ray picture seem like we were looking through a screen door. He brought in the machine which was a sort of vacuum with a vibrating blade on the end that would cut and suck in all of the cast material as he went. It was pretty cool. He said he had done this over 10,000 times!

Lucy rotated between laughing and crying a little. She squeezed my hand hard, and it was over in no time.

He made cuts like this down both sides of the leg so we could pull off the top piece from the bottom.

Lastly, he used a little tool to spread the pieces apart, and then snipped away the soft layer on the inside.

Lucy kept her leg up like this for a bit, it probably felt so much lighter that she didn't know what to do with it. Her skin was very dry and there were still sores on her thigh and heel. Her little toes were quite dirty!

We tried a picture with the cast, but Lucy didn't want anything to do with it and pushed it away from her. The nurse asked if we wanted to keep it...uhh no thanks. ;)

When we went in to get the x-ray and I first saw the picture, I was nervous that it hadn't healed properly and that she would have to get re-casted. But the doctor came to talk to us about it and said that the fibula was working on straightening itself out. It knows where to regrow bone and where to eat away bone. Our bodies are amazing! You can't even see where the tibia was buckled. And the growth plates that rest just below each bone weren't affected, so it was really the best case scenario.

While driving home, we caught Lucy kissing her leg. :))
If you look closely you can see the pressure sore on her heel from when she had her splint. :(

She didn't want to stand on it for the first while, but then got used to the cast being gone. 

I joked about her walking funny for the rest of her life because of the cast (she gained all sorts of nicknames because of it: tiny tim, peg leg, black beard...), but I didn't realize she really would for a  while! The doctor said she would probably have a limp, but it should go away once she gets used to it and once the bone completely heals. So we can continue with the nicknames. ;)

With Cast:

Without Cast:

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  1. She's so cute! Looks like she was a brave girl! Yay for being cast free!