Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tales of a Threenager--Norah 3.5

This week has got me all sentimental with Jane turning 6 months, Norah turning 3.5, and Lucy having just one more month before turning 2. So I've been writing down anything that comes to mind about all three for an update. But since I couldn't keep the pictures and writing to a minimum, all the girls get their own update post, so hold tight and get ready for some Norah cuteness overload. 

{face full o' hair, don't care}

Norah is one ball of raging threenager hormones. When she's sweet, she's really sweet...and when she's rotten she's really rotten. And she can switch those emotions quicker than you can say Jack Robinson. Today as she was throwing a tantrum to end all tantrums I just had to laugh because it all just seemed so silly. Then as we were driving after she had calmed down, she said, "I'm sorry I threw a tantrum in the car." She sure knows how to melt her mama's heart...and get what she wants. 

She will sometimes say she is a big girl and other times say she is a baby, depending on how it benefits her. For example, I was holding her and rocking her and she insisted she was a big girl who could walk and talk. Then just an hour later, while I was feeding Jane, she asked for a bite of the baby food because she was now a baby. 

Last week we went to McDonald's to play at the play place, and after being there by ourselves for a while, a little girl and boy came to play as well. It was so fun to see Norah be so friendly with both of them. She asked the girl's name and if she would go down the slide with her. She squealed with delight and was so happy to have someone to play with. Lucy was getting up in the little boy's face and pushed him a little bit at one point. I took her away but he was on the brink of crying. Norah was so quick to ask "are you okay, bud?" And tell him "Lucy is just a baby, she didn't mean to push you. Do you want to go down the slide?" It was so adorable to watch and it made my heart proud. 

Norah's Mother's Day card to me: 

"I love my mom because....I just love her! Like, give me some food. I love you! Give me some breakfast. She reads to me. And go outside to the park." 

She's been really in to dress up and wearing dresses, which means I need to get her more play dresses since I said her church dresses are off limits for every day play. Whenever I say her name while she is wearing a princess dress, she is quick to correct me and say, "No, call me Belle" or "No, I'm Snow White."

If she ever is wearing any dress she will strut around with her hands on her hips and say, "Mom, when the other people see me they will say 'look at that pretty princess!'" I love her self confidence. 

She found out where I keep my lipstick and I kept catching her sneaking it. The conversation previous to this picture went something like this:

"Did you get into my lipstick?" "Ummm..." 

And then I kept finding evidence all over the house. Lipstick finger prints on the pillow cases, smears on the door, and a kiss mark on Jane's forehead.

As you can tell, she's really accurate at tracing her lips. ;))

I've unintentionally transferred my fear of spiders onto Norah and Lucy. Except now Norah has gone even more extreme and is afraid of all bugs and creepy crawly things. My fear doesn't reach much further than spiders. Whenever she or Lucy sees any type of bug they will scream in a high pitched breathy voice "bug!!" Or "spider!" It's the worst when they yell spider and I start getting hot chills thinking about having to deal with one only to see that they are pointing to a blank wall.
My whole plan was whenever I saw a spider, I was going to dispose of it in a calm manner so that my kids wouldn't be afraid of them and then grow up to get rid of them for me. But those spiders always seem to sneak up on me and scare the living daylights out of me right in front of those impressionable little people, so I guess I'll have to come up with another plan.

It was thundering and storming the other night, and Norah was screaming and squealing that she was afraid. The next day, I asked if she wanted to take a picture, and then as soon as we went outside, it started thundering again. These were the faces she made when I asked her to smile for the picture during some particularly loud claps:

It took a little coaxing, but she gave me a sweet smile before dashing and clinging to my leg for protection.

This girl can chatter on for a long time and fill your ear with a large load of nonsense. I couldn't even recount what she says if I wanted to, but it's fun to hear her observe things around her and try and make sense of them. So if you ever want to know the musings of a three-year-old, Norah will happily oblige your request.

She likes watching me put on makeup and always asks if she can wear eyeshadow and lipstick. And she almost always requests pink or purple eye shadow. 

She also likes to dress herself so it's usually either a dress, or pink. 

She went through a phase for quite a while of calling Ryan and me "father" and "mother". If she accidentally called us "mom" or "dad" she would immediately correct herself. Such a proper lady! 

{hair flip}

After stopping her from taking a toy Lucy was playing with, she started kicking and screaming with as much  ferocity as she could muster. I tied to wrangle in her thrashing arms and legs so I could calm her down in my lap. Finally, after about 5 minutes of this, I said I would let go if she could take a breath and calm down. She immediately collected herself so I put her on the ground only to have her grab her blanket and hop right back in my lap because she wanted me to hold her. 

 {don't make me snap my fingers}

Me: what if I cut up some cantaloupe?
Norah: eh I don't like cantaloupe 
Me: hmm It's daddy's favorite.  
Norah: *gasp* I LOVE cantaloupe!

{talk to the hand}

 This sweet sassy girl is so fun to watch grow up and she is such a joy to have in our family!

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