Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stinky Binky

Norah and Lucy never took a binky, and so when Jane came along and liked sucking on one, I didn't think much of it because people used them all the time, right? I even had a friend try every binky she could until her daughter finally took one, and so I thought it was a good thing that Jane liked it. I was just glad to have something soothe her since she was pretty fussy as a newborn. 

But let me tell you, the binky is the sole reason why we never get sleep around here. Now I wonder why no one ever warned me about using one!? I didn't have any experience before, but now I'm on a mission to warn you!! ;)) 

Let me explain. Once we realized that Jane actually liked using a binky, we quickly found that the green ones the hospital gives to you just weren't a good shape for her to keep in her mouth. So we found some we all liked and thought our troubles were over.

But then the night wakings skyrocketed. Instead of waking to eat in the night, she began waking to have the binky replaced. And then whenever she starting breaking out of her swaddle, the wakings only increased because she would knock it out of her mouth with her flailing arms. Almost the entire month of April was a walking nightmare for me. There were several weeks in a row that I was waking 10-20 times in the middle of the night in order to replace that "blasted binky". I was desperate and depressed and hopeless about ever getting a full night's sleep again.

I was afraid to take the binky away because it was the only way to get her to sleep in the first place. I read this helpful post, but I still felt like there wasn't really anything I could do until she got old enough to replace the binky herself. 

Anyway, there is a happy ending to this post haha. Last week when we decided to switch up the sleeping arrangements, we gave it a few days and then decided it was time to take away Jane's swaddle wrap. We were nervous about her starting to roll over and it being dangerous, but I was really hesitant because I thought it would mean even more night wakings. The first night was really rough, and there was a LOT of crying because she kept knocking out the binky and playing with her feet then getting tired and crying more. But now we just got through night 2, and she is learning that there are consequences to her actions. Literally. ;))

At this point, I actually have hope again that I will someday sleep through the night, which is a big step from where I was. So, moral of the story? Just nix the binky all together. 

She is a pretty darling baby though, don't you think? Binky and all. 

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  1. Lydia didn't take a binky, but she didn't sleep well at all - so we pretty much forced Austin to take one. Which was good - until now... when we are trying to take it away. (He never used it during the day until he turned like 14 months and then he started wanting it all the time. He was teething and sad so I gave in and I am regretting that!) It's a battle! You give good advice. Just push through without it in the beginning.