Monday, May 2, 2016

Mother Daughter Tea Party

I have made a great group of friends who all have daughters roughly the same age as Norah. We get together often to let our kids play or just to gab over dinner while our husbands stay home with the babes. One of these girls, Megan, started a floral business and has worked on several different collaborations, all of which have turned out absolutely lovely. So several weeks ago she asked the rest of us if we would participate in a mother/daughter tea party collaboration. We all jumped at the idea! I think we all had been looking forward to the photo shoot since Megan first asked us to be part of it. 

We planned to get started early on a Saturday to have our hair and makeup done by aspiring professionals. Some of our husbands were plain confounded that we actually wanted to wake up early to do hair and makeup before the shoot haha. 

We all arrived at the American Fork Amphitheater, where everything was ready for us.

 'Magical' is really the only word to describe the set up. I was thrown back to age seven, where tea parties were a regular thing at my house, though nothing even close to this fantastic. I can't tell you how many times we all gushed over the beautiful flowers, cakes, place cards, chinaware, and even the table itself. Everything was so spot on, it was just enchanting.

Everything down to the placement of the silverware was so precisely perfect.

Take a look at these exquisite cupcakes. Those, my friends, are flowers made from buttercream frosting! The detailing was absolutely amazing, and everyone was completely dumbfounded. How could you possibly eat something so beautiful? But we did...because they were delicious!

Breathtaking cake, also detailed with buttercream frosting (!!!!!).

Megan, the beautiful mastermind, at work. 

I loved looking through these pictures of Norah. The photographer did a stunning job and I think she really captured Norah's sweet and spunky personality. They will definitely be ones that I print.

Darling little dolls for the girls to hold and play with.

Charlette & Emily

Katie & Bailey

 Jocelyn & Evelyn

Mothers and daughters
I love these ladies. I was sad that Megan wasn't also a part of it, but she was quite busy putting everything together.

While the Photographer clicked away as fast as she could, all of us moms stood behind her jumping up and down and singing songs to get the girls to smile, or at least look our way.
Megan made each girl a flower crown with fresh flowers. Norah was excited that it was called a 'crown' and they each looked so angelic.

Norah's interpretation to "give each other hugs!" 

I told them how my sisters and I used to have tea parties as little girls and ask, "how is the crop this year?" since that is what adults talk about, right? We clinked glasses, nibbled our pretend cucumber sandwiches, and all of our childhood fantasies came to life!

This shot is definitely one of my favorites. The trees in the background are breathtaking, and add to the magical scene.

Our main job during the actual pictures at the table was so keep the girls from grabbing any of the cupcakes before we were done getting every shot we needed. It wasn't an easy task, and meant a lot of distracting with pretend drinking and eating.

We had to just keep smiling, even if the girls were getting feisty.

Norah snuck finger swab of the frosting. 'Just keep smiling!'

My hair was pinned to look shorter than it actually is, which I didn't care for, but I loved the styling for everyone else's hair.

Jocelyn sells Jamberry nail wraps and so we each got to do our own nails. It definitely added the final feminine touch and made me feel so complete. I still have some of the wraps on my nails, and they only came off because I peeled a few off so that I could switch up the colors with just regular polish.

We all brought our own jewelry to look through together and mixed and matched to find the perfect combination. There were so many beautiful pieces! 

These girls help me get through hard times!

Don't mind my pasty legs next to beach babe, Jocelyn. The dress was quite a bit shorter than I preferred, but luckily most of the shots avoid seeing that. ;)

Norah, my free spirited girl, stripped off her shoes and flower crown as fast as she could in order to run barefooted through the grass.

 With mother's day coming up, I adore having these photos of me and my sweet girl. I will absolutely treasure these forever.

This one is so magical to me. I think it captures childhood perfectly with her wide eyed expression, excited with simple pleasures.

It was such a fun and beautiful day for all of us, and I'm so honored that Megan asked us to be a part of it.

Here is the information for all the vendors and artists that participated:

Flowers and Styling- @wildrosehouse
Photography- @j_sturgell
Makeup- @breecam_mua
Hair- @mackenziedoinghair
Nails- @bossyjocie_
Cakes- @floriacakes
Calligraphy- @nazys_nest
Dolls- @sewinlovehandmade
Mom's Dresses- @dresscollective
Models- Hannah and Norah Grimmett @gaggleofgrimmetts (pink dress and pink dress)
            Jocelyn and Evelyn Langford @bossyjocie_ (lavender dress and white dress)
            Katie and Bailey Price (white dress and white floral dress)
            Charlette and Emily Halbleib (cream and green dress and yellow dress)


  1. So beautiful! What a fun group of friends to be a part of.

  2. Oh my heavens ta betsy! These are THE most darling pictures I've ever seen. I'm so glad you're keeping a blog. It inspires me to enjoy motherhood, broken legs, tea parties and all.

  3. Oh my heavens ta betsy! These are THE most darling pictures I've ever seen. I'm so glad you're keeping a blog. It inspires me to enjoy motherhood, broken legs, tea parties and all.

  4. Wonderful tea party!! Honestly loved it. The mothers and cute daughters are looking so adorable. The floral crowns are looking so elegant. Planning to arrange a tea party at LA venue for my cute little daughter and her friends. Need to have few amazing ideas for the day as want to make it best and enjoyable one.