Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jane Elise at 6 Months

Jane must have known that it was her turn for a blog post and wanted to make a good impression, because last night was the FIRST night that she has ever slept through the entire night without waking up!!!!! (insert 100,000 more exclamation points here) least...I don't think she woke up. Ryan may have gone down to her because I was zonked out ahem. My very first full night's rest in over six months! All things are possible indeed. Though I was still tire this morning since we went to bed late--face palm.

We all love having Jane around. She is almost always happy and is easy to make smile or laugh. If she even hears Norah and Lucy laughing then she will start to join in.

She loves playing with her feet and will grab one of her toes and just kick back and forth even if she is obviously tired. She just can't resist them. She babbles and exercises her voice and it's so fun to listen to. 

She is a good mix of Norah and Lucy, but my mom has said a few times how much she looks like my brother, Dallin, or my niece, Ella, and I can definitely see that--in other words, she's adorable!

Her little tongue is my favorite! It's almost like she is trying to hold back her excitement in this photo.  

She is getting better at her gross motor skills and is almost able to sit up, I'm sure within the next few weeks. She scoots around on her back while laying in her crib and when she's on her tummy she can kind of scoot backwards. 

Jane is so patient with Lucy's enthusiasm. She gets poked, prodded, rolled, rubbed, patted, sat on, kissed, squished, squeezed, and, squashed to near breaking point, but she endures with a grimmace smile most of the time. 

I had to do a mini training session with Ryan to get him to hold her up right for a picture (#instagramhusband haha). Our neighbor and her daughter, the sweetest old ladies, gave us this doggie outfit in honor of their little yappy dogs that like to come over and fertilize our yard. The shoes, unfortunately, didn't make the shot, but they are my favorite part. Jane is lucky to have someone watching out for her in the fashion department, because she normally rotates between 2 pairs of jammies 99% of the time (such is the life of the third child). ;)) 

I started feeding her solids a few weeks ago, but have been very sporadic about it. Whenever I bring a spoon to her mouth, she will lean forward until she is bent over with her head nearly touching her knees. Now I have to hold her forehead with one hand while I prompt her to open her mouth with the other until she catches onto the concept haha. I've let her munch on a banana before and it's so funny to see her jerky moves trying to control her body and reach her mouth in the right direction of the food. 

Whenever I feed her, she kicks one of her legs almost the entire time. She's just carrying on the tradition that Norah started. If she is particularly hungry and I'm holding the bottle in front of her while walking to a place to sit down, she'll grab it and bring it to her mouth to start sucking. 

She has wide eyes that also look like they are turning brown like her Dad's and older sisters'. 

She's getting better at not spitting up as much. Every time we would feed her, we would have to make sure and have a burp cloth tucked right under the bottle since she would drool a lot of milk while eating (Lucy had the same problem). The milk would drip down into her neck folds and make her smell really bad, because, to be honest, bath time isn't as regular as it probably should be haha (Again, Lucy had the same problem). But now she is getting better at that too and we won't have to go through so many burp cloths every day...or feel too bad about infrequent baths!

She's getting strong and holds her head up really well while on her tummy. She hasn't gotten to all fours yet, but that doesn't keep her from squirming around on the floor. Sometimes, when she is exerting a lot of energy, she'll lay her head down on the floor and take a rest for a while. 

We're all so in love with baby Jane and I've been loving watching her grow! Stick around, cute thing, you make us smile every day.

Well, that concludes all three updates to these cute girls. Aren't they the cutest in their matching dresses? Now just imagine the sounds that Ryan and I made the get them all looking in our general direction. ;)

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