Monday, May 23, 2016

Half Birthday Bash!

It seems strange to think that it's been six months since Jane was born--slow and fast! I wanted to celebrate making it through half a year, so yesterday we had a little family celebration in her honor (though to be honest, it was mostly to give Ryan and me a pat on the back for getting this far;)). 
I saw a cute onesie online, and decided to attempt making one myself. After finishing one that resembled a kindergartner's work, I realized that I definitely didn't have the right glue for the project. So I got some new glue more appropriate for the task and redid it onto another onesie, finally getting it right. Cute, huh? :))

It's fun to look back at what Norah and Lucy were like at this age and remember that cute stage for them. Jane is such a sweet smiley baby and she reminds me so much of her two older sisters. 

We're working on learning to sit up and she even did it the other day for several seconds by herself. 
I kiss on this sweet thing as much as I can. But I always feel like I can't get enough!

Ryan wanted to take off her onesie so glitter didn't get everywhere, but I told him not to even think about taking it off since she was probably only going to wear it once and I had worked so hard on making it! ;) Now it'll make a good hand-me-down for someone else. 

We had Ryan's brother over for dinner, so I made a little cake and we even sang "Happy Birthday" to her haha! I gave her a tiny little dollop of frosting to smack on, but that was the extent of her cake experience. The rest of us devoured while she went to bed. 

Happy half birthday, Jane! We love you! 

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