Friday, May 13, 2016

Go T' Sleepy Little Bay-bay

We finally put Norah and Lucy in the same room last weekend so Ryan and I could evict Jane from our room. I had been looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. We had planned to do it last month, but the very weekend we intended for it to happen, Lucy went and broke her leg. So we put it off until her cast was removed, which was really good because there were several times throughout those weeks that she would wake up crying in the night. 

We put the rail back on Norah's bed for Lucy and just pulled out an extra mattress to put on the ground for Norah haha. Besides the fact that I didn't want to buy an extra bed, the shape of the room just wouldn't accommodate another bed without taking away pretty much all of the play space. So during the day we just stand Norah's mattress against the wall or put it on top of Lucy's in the crib. Easy peasy! And since we had been literally talking about this for months, Norah had no problem surrendering her bed.

P.S. We put up blackout fabric since it is still so light out when they go to bed. Best thing ever.

We definitely expected there to be excitement surrounding the change. Every night so far has been about 30-60 minutes of talking/screaming/fighting/crying/jumping and playing. They were waking up earlier than usual the first couple of days, but that has fizzled down and we're back to regular wake times, thank goodness! 

I was hesitant and ecstatic to get Jane out of our room. I hated that we had to sneaky sneak around our room and the bathroom when she was in there. We would hiss at each other to be quiet, and cringe with every peep she made. But since she still wakes up way too much in the night (a post for another day), I wasn't very excited about moving her to the downstairs room where I would have to drag my sorry carcass to in the middle of the night. 

Yes, she is still swaddled. Ugh. One transition at a time, people.

The very night we moved Jane out, we both were amazed with the freedom. We turned on the light in our room, sat in bed and actually talked! In normal tones!! And we could go in the bathroom and leave the door open with the light on!!! We both kept commenting on how nice it was to have our room back to ourselves after nearly six months of feeling like hostages. 

It has been going pretty well overall. Jane has had a couple of rough nights, but we've only brought her back in our room for one night so far. I was afraid that Lucy would figure out pretty quickly how to climb out of her crib with Norah in the room. Tonight, after putting them to bed, Norah ran into our room and said, "Lucy got out of her crib!" Then Lucy stalked in with a triumphant look on her face. Luckily, we figured out she was only able to climb down after using our giant stuffed dog, Gus, as a stepping stool. Easy fix. Now let's hope it doesn't happen again for another several years months. ;))

I still have all of them in separate rooms for naps during the day. Lucy goes back into Jane's room and Jane sleeps in the pack and play in my room. 
I will not mess with naps, they are too sacred.

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