Friday, April 1, 2016

What Would You Do For Some Ice Cream?

Every month, Norah's preschool goes on a field trip. We skipped last month's because I didn't want to drive all the way to Salt Lake with the three girls by myself. But yesterday's field trip was planned for the Bean Museum in Provo, and I made the mistake of telling Norah. So the deal was sealed, despite how exhausted I was from starting the day way too early. My sister, Katelyn, sent the girls some play makeup, and so we all got ready for the day by putting on eyeshadow and lip gloss. 

The makeup bag has hardly left Norah's side, and she insisted on bringing it to the museum with her. Every few minutes she would pull out a brush and eyeshadow, apply it to her face, then proceed observing the animals.

It is always a giant ordeal to get out of the house, especially when we'll be gone a long time. But we made it, and we were only slightly late! Jane screamed almost the entire drive there, but then was a mute once in the stroller, and even fell asleep! Regrettably, the pictures are all poor quality due to my camera dying the second I turned it on (this is a common occurrence, you'd think I would learn my lesson and just charge the dang thing).

We met up with my mom and a few other preschool families. The plan was to tour for a bit and then everyone meet up for ice cream. But I wanted to keep walking around with the girls (especially since Jane was asleep), so we split up and I spent the majority of the time corralling Norah and Lucy back to my side.

Lucy took every opportunity she could to run as fast as she could in whatever direction was the opposite of me. Her little legs were a blur and she didn't care whether I chased after her or not. 

Norah wanted to take this baby deer home so badly. She thought it was the cutest thing.

This is Lucy's favorite new facial expression. 

It felt really good to get out of the house for an activity. We will definitely go back to the museum, it was really fun for the girls! 

By the time we were ready to go meet up for ice cream, Jane was starting to stir, and I thought it best to just head home. But Norah had already overhead someone talk about ice cream, so I decided to just grab a frosty from Wendy's on the way back. Easy peasy. Jane screamed the entire way back, and by the time we actually got to Wendy's, she was on the verge of having an aneurysm. Norah also thought this was the perfect moment to tell me that she had to throw up (not an uncommon complaint, although I wasn't taking any chances). So I veered into a parking spot and scrambled in the back to give Norah the emergency throw up bag, then veered back into the drive through for that stinkin' frosty. Jane was absolutely hysterical at this point, so I put the car in park and dove in the back again to feed her a bottle until the cars moved forward. I continued romping back and forth and back and forth until the cars were moving up so frequently that as soon as I heaved myself into the back seat I had to immediately heave myself back to the front. So instead I just twisted and stretched my arm to continue feeding her the bottle, wishing that I could just transform into elasti-girl. Finally, I hurled the change at the cashier and vroomed off with our 99¢ frosty.

My ears almost exploded from the silence as soon as I strapped the girls in their highchairs, gave them their lunch/ice cream, and popped the bottle back into Jane's anxious mouth. Though it was pretty crazy getting that ding dang ice cream, these girls were so happy that they got a treat to go along with their lunch. Plus we all zonked out for naps after which lasted 3.5 hours. So yes, it was totally worth it.

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  1. Good for you for going! Your positive attitude blows me away. Eli hated his carseat until about six months, sounds like Jane is that way too. It's the worst! At least you got a nap out of the deal. That is always a win!