Friday, April 29, 2016

The Grimmett Clan


Ryan's family all came to town last week, and we had a busy weekend ahead of us, packed with so many fun activities. The cousins met Jane for the first time and she was loved on, and enjoying all of the attention.

We played in our backyard the first night, and everyone took turns pushing the kids around in the car. Ryan gets them going extra fast. Norah's little face cracks me up.

Norah was so sad when we said it was time to say goodbye. Whenever she isn't happy about something lately, she'll make the biggest toad frowny face possible. 


We all went to visit the new Provo City Center Temple. I still hadn't been since it was finished so it was fun to walk the grounds and look at the beautiful renovation. Norah and Miley were instant best friends.

I'm so lucky to have Ryan. I was feeling quite overwhelmed/anxious/sad that morning, but he managed to cheer me up.

One of all of us who made it that morning.
Ryan, me, Janel, Maisey, Shaun, Miley, Lucy, Emily, Gage, Norah.

Jane was sleeping, as per usual, so we did a family shot while she was snoozing in the stroller. 

I loved everything about this temple. It was so beautiful.

All the Grimmett Cousins
Miley, Maisey, Jane, Norah, Lucy, Gage. Poor gage is the lone boy in this group of ladies.

We met up at the hotel Shaun and Emily were staying in and let all the kiddos play in the pool. 

Norah was loooving it. She has developed a phobia of bath time, so this was just the thing to get her over that fear. 

I was out of luck when it came to swimsuits, so I camped out on the side to take pictures. 

Lucy's cast is actually waterproof (cool, huh?) but she didn't want to get in the water after we worked so hard to squeeze her into a swim diaper and bathing suit. So she forced Grandma Jeanne to follow her around while she hobbled all over the place.


We convinced everyone to go to our favorite arcade place, Nickel City, and the kids had a blast. We spent a good portion of our nickels on this tiny carousel.

Driving truck for Walmart. We always encourage dreams of the highest standard.

The girls were mostly concerned about getting a turn to put coins in the slots.

Too much stimulation for sweet Jane. She was plum tuckered out towards the end.


After family pictures, we were sinners and all went to Lagoon to celebrate Gage's birthday. I was very very very very reluctant to go and made it quite clear to Ryan the previous week that I was absolutely positively not going to Lagoon. But the next thing I knew, I was in the car on my way for a full day at the amusement park with three children who would all miss naps (they are sacred at my house, I tell you). Once we got there, however, I was actually happy I gave in. It was SO fun watching Norah and Lucy have fun on the rides.  

They were so adorable turning the steering wheel and ringing the bell. *teardrop* stop growing!

Norah could hardly try the next ride fast enough! She and Miley teamed up for the helicopters.

Lagoon definitely isn't what I used to think it was, but it sure was fun going with the babes. Here we are on the slowest train you've ever been on.

I love these pictures. The girls adore their daddy and their uncle, Nathaniel.

This is where we chose poorly. We got on this little mini dragon roller coaster, only to realize that it wasn't so little after all, but went pretty darn fast. Poor Lucy was NOT amused as you can see. I tried to hold her tight and distract her with how fun it was, but she wasn't buying it. We scarred her for the rest of the day.

Soothing herself by sucking her thumb and snuggling Daddy. She kept saying "scary" over and over again.

I couldn't believe how daring Norah was. Emily asked me who was more daring and I immediately said Lucy (which is true, but she is still little) and then we hopped on the dragon ride and made me look like a fool haha. 
Norah went on a drop ride with Janel. She is set to go!

Her little dangling legs are so cute. I had a hard time narrowing down these pictures. She was so cute in all of them looking so excited!

Here she is, immediately following the drop ride. She was so excited about everything. This would be the perfect age to take her to Disneyland. Sigh. One day.

I felt bad Lucy didn't want to ride anymore after the dragon ride, but she was still having a lot of fun.

This is the only picture I took of Jane the whole day since she was mostly snoozing in the stroller while we were out and about.

Norah went all by herself on several rides. I love this picture in particular.

Ryan took Norah on this roller coaster that was actually really fast. I watched as Norah kind of slumped over and I was positive that she was going to throw up. Ryan said she got "crazy eyes", but she made it through without any incident. She still talks about how fun this ride was haha!

Lucy wasn't happy that I brought her on a ride again. 

She would rather just push the stroller around.

Lucy and Janel :)

All the Grimmett Cousins again--minus Jane. It was so fun seeing them all play together.

Saying goodbye! Lucy's cute little eye poking out.. :)

They hugged without any prompting from me, and it was the sweetest thing seeing them walk with arms around each other. 

It was a fun weekend, and I'm glad we got to spend it with family!


  1. CUTE! And how fun! I love that picture of you and Ryan in front of the temple. You're a pretty girl!

  2. How did i miss this post. Darn it. Lol. That picture of little norah holding hands on the drop ride is too cute!! I can just imagine the squeals wuth every drop. And poor lucy haha aww she was not happy about the false advertising of puff the magic dragon like Get. Me. Off. NOW hope you are doing well cordelia. I sure do miss ya!!