Tuesday, April 5, 2016

LDS General Conference

I was really looking forward to conference this year, but when Lucy hurt her leg the night before, our only option was to take her in Saturday morning. Ryan took her in and I stayed home with Norah and Jane. But I felt so distracted the first session while Ryan was gone, especially when he texted me to confirm that her leg was indeed broken. 

I tried really hard to pay attention to the talks, but couldn't focus as much as I wanted to. Norah was very excited, because she remembered from October that we let her paint during the sessions. So I pulled out some finger paints and let her have at it. 

I should have let her use some brushes instead of her fingers, because it didn't last as long as it could have. So I pulled out the shaving cream, desperate to stretch out the activity as long as possible. This was the result: haha!

So we did a record fast bath and I pulled out bubbles. I blew bubbles and listened at the same time, but will probably have to re-listen to that first session. 

Ryan and Lucy got home and we all doted over her. 

The bubbles were a great idea. I need some good ones! Or a bubble machine...even better.

I tried to just show the pictures to books after having them shoved in my face several times, but that just wouldn't do. So I whispered the words (which I definitely have memorized), and that appeased them.

Jane was mesmerized by the speakers, and Lucy was feeling snuggly after a traumatizing morning at the doctor.

Sunday morning's session had us painting our nails after the girls saw that I glittered my toes with Brooklyn the night before. 

This was the first conference that really felt like I had kids. In October, I was still pregnant with Jane, Lucy was still taking two naps at the same time as each session, and Norah was completely content with the quiet activities we planned for her for the morning sessions since she still napped during second session. It makes me wonder how other parents are able to listen and keep their kids entertained at the same time!

There was a good spirit in our home though, even if I missed a lot of the stories and lessons. I love re-reading the talks, but there is something about listening to them all in one weekend, it really does revitalize me!

PS. Lucy LOVES her baby sister. She is constantly trying to hold and hug her. It's so sweet.

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