Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

Yesterday was finally the day we could take Lucy in for her hard cast. Poor girl had to scuffle around for a week and a half and was constantly uncomfortable, especially if her leg had to hang like in the car seat or high chair. So everyone was excited for her! Ryan worked from home and then took a break so we could drive down to Provo to see a pediatric orthopedic specialist. The doctor showed me the x-ray since I didn't get a chance to see beforehand. 

Lucy got a key ring with all of the color samples she could choose from for her cast. I learned that we really need to work on learning our colors, and also that it is important to include Ryan in important decisions such as this! Haha, he was on the brink of throwing his own little tantrum--love you!--when we announced that Lucy had "chosen" green for her color (it was just the only thing she kept repeating while pointing to any other color, so I just went with it, not really caring). His reasoning was that she hardly has any hair and that she needed something to distinguish her as a girl. Can't exactly argue with that.

When they took off the splint (which we had done ourselves two times for baths), poor little Lucy had a giant pressure sore on her heel. The doctor said that if it had been put on correctly in the first place then it wouldn't have been a problem. The top of the splint was also very sharp and left scratches and sores on her thigh, so Ryan and I had previously tried to wrap toilet paper around it so it wouldn't hurt as badly. Needless to say, she was happy to have it off for a bit.

When they started to wrap her leg again, she was beginning to get fussy and scared, so I held her hand and told her to squeeze it so she wouldn't be so scared, and she thought that was pretty funny. She also loved playing with the nurse's name tag.

 She was so brave, and everyone gushed over how adorable she was. The cast dried very quickly and became hard while her leg was at an angle, so now it will be much easier for her to walk.

I was expecting her to have to wear the cast for at least 6 weeks, but the doctor said that she could get it taken off as soon as 2 weeks from this Friday!

She does look pretty darling in pink. Good call, Ryan. ;)

Since the bottom of the cast is very slippery on hardwood floors, they gave us a little shoe so it has something to grip onto.

I'm so happy our girl is on the mend, and she won't have to drag her leg behind her anymore while she slides across the disgusting dirty floors, because let's be honest, they haven't been mopped in a long time.

PS. Her little thigh roll is killing me. So scrumptious!


  1. She looks so cute with it on! What a beautiful little girl!

  2. What a troope! I love the stylized pictures of her at the end. So darling!