Monday, April 11, 2016

Baby Jane 4 Months!

Jane turned four months a few weeks ago, but we just had her checkup today, and she's growing just as fast as her older sisters! *teardrop
Her stats as of today are:

Weight: 15lbs--58th percentile
Height: 24.75inches--44th percentile

I can't believe how different Jane is from a couple of months ago. I keep telling people that she is a completely different baby from when she was a newborn.
She is such a happy baby now and smiles any chance she can. She is completely content to sit in her bouncy seat and play if I need her to, and takes a beating like a champ from a well-meaning and loving older sister (we're working on it;)). Norah and Lucy both love Jane and often ask to hold her in their laps. She has been tugged, squeezed, grabbed, and rolled so much you'd think her cute little rolls would be deflated by now, but she's been really resilient as rubber. 

Ryan and I were really beginning to think that Jane had been abused by a car seat in a previous life by the way she screamed every time we went anywhere that took longer than .05 seconds. However, just within the last week, she has changed her tune and sometimes doesn't even make one peep the whole length of the car ride! It took me a bit to realize it though. I was so used to her screaming in the car that once it stopped I felt like we had forgotten something! It was a grand epiphany once I realized that it was all the crying and fussing we had left in the dust. Let's hope it keeps up! Now we can continue listening to Scripture Scouts without any interruptions! ;)

Jane's daytime sleeping habits have slowly come together into a mostly predictable pattern and she is doing great! I've been trying so hard to wean her from waking in the middle of the night. She still wakes up, but doesn't take a feeding anymore, and instead is soothed by the pacifier. Although I'm trying to figure out how to break that habit because it's still pretty exhausting waking up mid-REM cycle.

She has rolled over ONE time so far, haha! And, in fact, it just happened a few days ago, but I'm beginning to think it was just a fluke (I am terrible at remembering to make time for tummy time). ***Actually, as I was writing this, she rolled over again! ha! hooray!

She has begun to coo, and we love it. Also, she is ticklish, which is so funny because Norah and Lucy weren't ticklish until they were quite a bit older. It's so fun to hear her laugh and see her getting so big. We love our sweet little baby Jane!

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