Friday, April 8, 2016

A Zoo-tiful Day!

Wednesday was a really crummy day for me for no one particular reason. From the moment I opened my eyes way too early in the morning, to the moment I closed them way too late at night, I was a miserable emotional mess. 

So the next morning, I woke up to Ryan handing me a bottle for Jane and telling me to feed her, come out to eat some crepes that he had made, then shower and get ready because he had taken the day off of work and we were all going to the zoo! It felt like Christmas and was really the best surprise!

We arrived at the zoo only to find the line to get in super long, so we decided to ditch the line and buy tickets online (so unless waiting in line is your thing, you should do the same! Plus there's no service charge for buying online!). We got inside only to realize we had brought in way too much stuff: Our double stroller, an extra umbrella stroller, snacks, diaper bag, Norah's blanket for some reason...haha! Since Lucy's broken leg was bothering her, she just wanted Ryan to hold her the whole time. So we just stuffed everything in the back seat of the double stroller and had Norah walk. Success!

We had a lunch break once Jane woke up and announced she was hungry. Norah and Lucy were being so cute together playing peek-a-boo and watching for all of the birds that kept flying and hopping around.

We watched the leopard pace back and forth and put his big paws up on the gate to stretch his whole body in a standing position. He would go past our part of the gate and get really close to us, which would terrify Norah. She didn't want him anywhere near her. Norah then waited patiently for her turn to sit on the statue. But Lucy was pretty eager to get off of it again.

Jane was so happy the entire time. I could see her staring at me the whole time and as soon as I looked at her, she would burst out into the cutest grin, every time. 

Lucy finally was persuaded to sit in the stroller, and she made sure to direct Ryan and Norah as they pushed her around.

Norah was loving playing on all of the animal statues. She is at such a fun age to enjoy going to places like this, although she was afraid of getting too close to some of the animals, the leopard, for example.

The minute we saw the carousel, Norah really wanted to ride it, so we saved it for one of the last things before going home. We waited in line for a long time, and at first when we got through the gate, Norah really wanted to sit on a peacock that was really just a bench, but then decided against it, luckily. I mean, I didn't want to squelch her, but I didn't pay extra for that, right?? ;)
As soon as we picked out some animals to sit on, all three of us turned into magnets, and I could hardly let either of them to lighten their grip on me. Lucy was desperate to get off, so I clambered on after convincing Norah to let go of my hand just for a second so I could get up. 

But then you see pictures like this and you can hardly believe they were afraid at first. Norah was squealing and screaming with laughter the entire time, while Lucy was having a blast waving at everyone that would look her way. It reminded me of last year when we took them to Thanksgiving Point to ride the ponies. :)

We ended with watching a mom and her baby orangutan climb all over their tree nest, which Norah thought was adorable. The car ride back was rough for Lucy since she couldn't get comfortable with her leg, so she slept on and off and would cry every few minutes. 

So when we got home, we gave everyone a nice bottle of warm milk to ensure nice long naps, and it worked! ;)

It was such a fun day and I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband who takes care of us and does all he can to make sure I recover from a hard day.

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