Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Shenanigans

Call me a sinner, but Sunday is my least favorite day. I am far from a spiritual person before we even make it to church, and it just goes down hill from there. My stress levels start out ankle deep and quickly rise up, reaching alarming levels by the time we pack up the car and drive to church. 
Last week was simply comical. Chaos ensued practically the moment we found a seat just seconds before the meeting started (a record for us! haha). Normally I really try to keep from walking the halls with any of the girls, but Jane was crying pretty loudly, so I sent Ryan out with her about 15 minutes before the end of the meeting. Then demons took over Norah and Lucy while I tried everything in my power to keep them hushed and from running away. Norah began a series of tantrum, so I grabbed both girls and scrammed outta there. Unfortunately for me, both my hands were occupied with screaming girls and so when Lucy's foot pulled up my skirt and her hands wrenched down my shirt, exposing way too much, I could do nothing but keep on walking out of the chapel.
I cried and told Ryan we were going home! After several sandwiches and a nice long nap for everyone, we were all in much better spirits.

I wasn't exactly looking forward to attending church again after such a crazy (not to mention embarrassing) incident. But I figured it couldn't really get much worse, so we got ready (making sure to fill those bellies to the brink beforehand) and paraded off to see what this week had in store. 
We made it through sacrament with minimal damage, and dropped the girls off at their classes. 
In the middle of relief society, a teacher beckoned me out to reveal a shoeless, tight-less, sweater-less Norah and explained that she had been running back and forth in the classroom. After sitting on my lap for a few minutes, she decided that relief society was not for her and she would be good if she could go back (so long as she didn't have to wear those tights). As I took her to the right classroom, she flung open the door and announced, "I'm back!" 
Meanwhile, poor Lucy was brought to me for a diaper change, only to find that she wasn't poopy at all, only gassy (hahaha!). So bringing her back to Nursery lead to a new round of tears--I suppose I've become desensitized to her screams after dropping her off at the gym daycare everyday. After the block, I picked her up and found that she had cried so much and fallen asleep on one of the teacher's shoulders. *teardrop* Such a sensitive little babe.

I expect that it will continue to be chaotic for a while, but I guess that since we survived this week without showing off my fanny, it was considered quite a success! ;))

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  1. Haha! I love your last comment about showing off the fanny! I'm so grateful for your persistence in doing good. I love that you and Ryan are leading your children in righteousness and it gives me great joy that you are finding humor in the hard and embarrassing times in raising your beautiful girls!