Sunday, March 13, 2016

Popcorn Popping!

Approximately for the first two months after Jane was born, almost every night Ryan and I would finally get all three girls down for bed and just c r a s h on the couch to watch a movie with a giant bowl of popcorn (though I was the one eating 99% of it), eyes glazed over with fatigue, and catching ourselves drooling every now and again.

Now here we are, 3.5 months postpartum, and we (as in me) have probably gone through at least 75 bags of popcorn (I get the lightly buttered kind, calm down people). As a former popcorn hater, that's really saying something.

I tried for a period to wean myself, but have given up all attempts and instead embrace my feebleness. In turn, Norah and Lucy have found my not-so-secret hiding spot and often bring me a bag to microwave for our after nap snack.

We now share the same popcorn mania, and so I can hardly say "no" whenever it's requested, especially when the requesters are so darn cute!

Jane only gets to enjoy the aroma, but she doesn't seem to mind. ;)
Now if you will excuse me, I've got some more popcorn popping to do!

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  1. The popcorn on the couch thing is a staple in our house as well! As soon as the kids are in bed it's a huge sigh of relief as we sink onto the couch to relax for a few minutes. As I look at my older brother- and sister-in-law who have teenage kids, I see how busy they are (plus bedtime for them is waayyyyy later than our 7 o'clock bedtime) and I'm choosing to just soak in the popcorn-infused evenings at home! Someday I think we'll look back on these days with fondness, but it's so much easier to have that same fond feeling after the kids are in bed, with popcorn in hand, and netflix on the tv. (I really enjoy your blog! I think you've a talent for writing and I appreciate you letting me follow along.)