Friday, March 18, 2016

Our St. Patrick's Day Events

Our St. Patrick's day was mostly uneventful, actually. Norah went to preschool and did a few festive activities like playing with colored shaving cream. By the time dinner was supposed to be happening, I was feeling pretty deflated, despite mostly sitting around all day. But I strapped Jane to my front, and cooked some green pasta, threw some fruit on a skewer and called it good. Norah was absolutely thrilled to have a "rainbow skewer" and ate every piece of fruit, even though she normally doesn't like some of them. Huzzah! 

Poor Lucy hadn't eaten properly since about lunch time, so she just snarfed down the pasta as quickly as she could and kept asking for more!

*Not pictured* After dinner the girls got thrown into the bath, and it turned into a scream fest. The previous night, Lucy had pulled up the knob to turn on the shower and it sprayed all over both of them, traumatizing Norah for life. Norah kept screaming at the top of her lungs "Save me! Save me!" No amount of consoling would calm her down, so we soaped her up and hauled her out of there. 
The house somehow looked like a hurricane had come through earlier, so we did a 10 minute clean up, and it helped my mood quite a bit.

Ryan's home basketball team, Gonzaga University, had a game last night in the playoffs, so he and the girls were sporting their new bulldog hats in support of the team. It must have worked, because they ended up winning!...not that I'm a basketball watcher in any way.

I hope everyone else had a fun St. Paddy's day and had equally cute human beings to go home to and snuggle.

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