Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday didn't go exactly as expected. Ryan had been sick over the weekend, so I planned to take Norah and Lucy to church myself. But as we got closer and closer to our meeting time, I realized there was no way we would make it out the door on time, so I called my mom and asked to come to their ward instead.
When I pulled out their dresses (the same ones I had them wear for Jane's blessing), Norah wasn't too thrilled about wearing it, since the seams bothered her arms. I put a onesie underneath and coaxed her back in, distracting her with the fact we were going to Grandma and Grandpa's church. Hooray!

The meeting began and both girls immediately peeled off their shoes and flower crowns. If I hadn't had my dad sitting with me to trade off holding one of the girls, I am quite certain I wouldn't have survived the whole sacrament meeting. Norah was adamant about bouncing all over the pews, while Lucy tried with all her might to get Grandma's attention, who was singing on the stand with the choir. Also, I picked possibly the worst dress I could have when dealing with rambunctious toddlers. Every grab and arm fling resulted in my very-stretchy-dress stretching way more than I wanted. 

I was exhausted and sad that I couldn't focus on the meeting as much as I hoped, but when we got home, Ryan had cleaned nearly the whole house and helped get the girls down for naps.
Even while still feeling sick, he put on a button down shirt and some slacks so we could go over to my parents' house for dinner. What a stud.

The meaning of Easter has taken on a different meaning since getting married and becoming a mom. And I'm so grateful that even with my infinite flaws, because of our Savior, I can be forgiven again and be with my sweet little family forever.

Norah is only smiling because my dad used the magic phrase when taking pictures: 
"Grandpa has stinky feet!"

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  1. Dresses or no dresses. Headbands or no headbands, shoes or no shoes.. Your family is a beautiful and kind and angelic family! I miss you all so much and think of you often! 😘