Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Huntin' We Will Go!

A couple of months ago, I saw a cute little bunny dress online, but at $25 per dress I decided to try and make them myself instead. I moped and procrastinated because I didn't know how to make the bodice, but finally I just threw a few ideas together and luckily the dresses ended up fitting! ;) I just made some for Norah and Lucy since Jane already had a little bunny outfit...and I was too burned out. 

I was so excited about making these dresses that I plum forgot to plan any Easter egg hunt for the girls haha. Norah had an egg hunt at preschool so I just scrounged up her left over eggs and "hid" them around our backyard. The girls didn't seem to mind. 

Having practiced at preschool, and now apparently being an expert at finding lost things, Norah frantically scrambled to every egg, scarcely stopping to take a breath. 

Lucy was still pretty clueless and just ran around the whole yard. As soon as I pointed an egg out to her to pick up, Norah raced in and swooped it up before her. 

Once they discovered small candies in the eggs (also recycled from preschool), all hopes of any pictures with their loot was burned and buried. Norah had raided every egg and eaten all the candies within the span of five minutes.

Jane was happy to sit still for me. She makes for a darling Easter Bunny.

We still have never managed to get it together and make baskets for the girls, but I don't really mind. We had fun doing the egg hunt, and now we are looking forward to focusing on why we celebrate Easter in the first place.


  1. OK these dresses are giving me so much life right now...they are so adorable!!

  2. OK these dresses are giving me so much life right now...they are so adorable!!

  3. Not like you have the cutest babies in the universe or anything! Hannah you're a great Momma. Grateful for your example. <3

  4. Darling! Norah is getting so pretty. She was always adorable, but shes turning into a little girl and it's so sweet! I love her bangs.