Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week(s) of Blues

The past several days have been rough. We've been cooped up from being sick, and now that the girls are finally getting better, I am feeling that we can't really have people over after a friend made a few comments about Lucy's aggression towards other kids. So I've teamed up with Norah to help teach Lucy how to use her words instead of crying/becoming violent. Two times I've already eaten straight from the ice cream carton which is a direct result of my efforts.

The girls love to play hide and seek. This is their go-to hiding spot haha!

Norah has been climbing in bed with us every single night. And normally it wouldn't be a big deal to me, but having my sleep interrupted more than it already is, has taken it's toll. We bought a toddler clock that will glow green when it's okay for her to come in our room. It arrives on Monday, so we're crossing our fingers that Norah will be excited about it. 

Sometimes I stand and willingly let chaos ensue around me. Other times I am right there ready to prevent a catastrophe, but to no avail. This was one of those times when I was right next to Lucy as she climbed and fell off the back of the couch before I was able to help. Her head ricocheted between the couch and window sill, and she came away with a bloody nose that slowly trickled for the rest of the night.

It has been rough being tired and sad and overwhelmed and frustrated, but then I look back on posts like this and think, "well, I suppose it could be worse. At least I haven't dealt with poop disasters lately." ;))
These cute little girls make life so much more. More excitement, more tiredness, more frustration, more love, more everything. I love them to bits and pieces and confetti.

And Jane too. She gets left out of a lot of pictures. 
Don't let that darling little smile fool you though! ;))


  1. I love your blog posts. You have a way with describing how life is with three little kids. I get lonely a lot. It's hard being home alone all the time. And it's funny (not really the right word, but hey) that you told about Lucy's nose. Phoebe did something similar to that this past Sunday and her nose is still all black and blue from it. It didn't bleed...just bruised. So we've avoided going in public ;). Thanks for blogging. I love seeing your cute pictures and reading about your life. :) And this picture. Lucy's dimple. MY GOODNESS. So cute! (P.s. I'm sorry someone said something to you about her "aggression". That's so hard. It's one of those things that gets in your head and just. won't. leave. I hope your tag team efforts help her use her words better. :)

  2. Those weeks/months are the worst! You're a great mom and it's obvious. Here's hoping you catch a break soon!!!!