Friday, February 5, 2016

Ready Or Not, Here I Grow!

I took all three of the girls to the doctor this morning and I'm sure we kept many people entertained as we hurdled through the building with 500 different bags, coats, toys that were brought along for some reason, and a giant car seat with a crying baby. As soon as we checked in and I sat down to fill out Lucy's 18 month questionnaire, Norah informed me that she really had to go potty. So I rounded up all the items again and we all galloped off to the bathroom, where Lucy was immediately drawn to the toilet, Norah tried to shed every article of clothing despite her need to do so, and Jane, of course, continued crying. Even in the moment I thought how ridiculous and funny we must look, but then again it was a pediatric office, so we were in good company. 

Norah's 3 year stats
weight: 35 lbs--81st percentile
height: 37.25 inches--45th percentile

Norah is still loving preschool and gets sad whenever we approach the weekend. She was sick this week and had to miss a day, which made her very sad. We are teaching her the letter sounds and she can recognize about 12 of them so far that I know of. Her favorite letter to point out is "m".
She has started getting to the age where she doesn't want to go to bed at night and she will try and stall as long as possible, always asking for more songs and snuggles (how can I say no to that?). She always wants me to fill her in on what we did while she was at preschool. 
Her favorite color is still pink, by far, so we have a lot of pink clothes, toys, and accessories. She's our little girly girl prima donna. 

Lucy's 18 month stats:
weight: 26 lbs--85th percentile
height: 32.75 inches--66th percentile

Lucy is our boisterous child. I'm still trying to help her learn to not be so aggressive, and honestly, it has been  really emotionally challenging for me. Of course, everything is emotional for me these days, but I feel like I've tried every approach and she still grabs other kids' faces and sometimes leaves pretty bad scratches. I'm at a loss, but the pediatrician said to just try and stay emotionless and keep consistent with showing her what to do instead. So here's to teaching Lucy not to be violent. It's so funny that she acts that way, because she is really such a sweet and snuggly girl. She is always wanting to be held and snuggled while she sucks her thumb. 
Last night when Norah and Lucy were playing in the bath tub, Lucy stood up and then slipped, causing her to chip her front tooth. I didn't notice it had chipped until I was brushing her teeth later on. I felt horrible and felt like I might cry (like I said, very emotional these days). Luckily it's just her baby tooth, but we are just going to have to wait until it falls out. She still looks pretty cute though if you ask me. 

Jane's 2 month stats:
weight: 11 lbs--39th percentile
height: 22.25 inches--34th percentile

Jane is doing much better with her tummy issues. We switched her over to soy formula and it has been a night and day difference. Last weekend, we ran out of the soy formula, so I used some hypoallergenic milk based formula and I immediately noticed that she still had troubles with it, even though it was specifically for those with a dairy allergy. Now we know! I'm so glad we found something that worked. She is still pretty fussy most of the time, so I took her in to a chiropractor at the suggestion of another preschool mom, and I think it has helped! 
She's becoming more and more alert and the light at the end of the tunnel is not quite as dim. Now we just need to figure out how to get her to sleep! ;)

We sure love our three girls and we're so blessed to have them in our lives, happy and healthy.


  1. We had Austin's well check this week and I can totally relate to your experience. I'm sure most people were just thinking about how well you were handling things.

  2. Hannah! You are doing SUCH a good job!!! Giving your girls baths, taking them to the doctor, doing fun things with them, taking them places, etc, etc. You're doing awesome! Those first few months of three kids was SOOO hard. I promise it gets better. And that's me saying that with Haddie still not sleeping through the night (that's my fault. I'm terrible at making them cry it out. I try, but fail a lot. haha. But this weekend is the weekend. We're about half way to success. :)) Anyways, I wanted to share two things that I've been thinking about/learning lately. Sorry if you don't care. Haha. (And I hate when people get into lecture mode with me. I'm sorry if that feels like I'm doing. Having three kids has been a HUGE learning experience for me and I guess I just want to spread the love of what I'm finally learning. I realize that you probably don't have the same struggles, but know that I'm learning a lot and just want to help SOMEHOW and I guess this is the only way I feel like I can at all-by sharing what I've learned and sympathizing by sharing my own moments. ;))

    One, Pax chipped two of his teeth in one week when he was about 18 months old. Ha. It was awful. The first was at a BBQ at my parents house. He was on a plastic chair and he was standing on it holding onto the back, and it tipped over and of course he hit the patio two inches from the grass. Lots of blood. The next time was a few days later while playing. I can't remember if it was on the camping fire pit or in the bathtub. Anyways, it was awful, but now you can barely tell as he's gotten bigger
    Second, (and fair warning, I think this will turn into three things. haha.) my Mother in Law sent me this talk this week. And now I just want to shout this from the rooftops. This is amazing. It's Elder Nelson's wife Wendy at BYU women's conference 2015 talking about this 21 day challenge of giving more time to family history and temple work. She tells of challenging BYU young moms in Wymount and how it affected their lives (That's in the first ten minutes or so) and then talks of how this is keeping our covenants and power comes into your lives and helps you so much. And then talks of how as we keep our covenants, angels can help us in our lives and we can pray for specific help from those on the other side. It's AMAZING. It's 40 minutes, but well worth it. SOOO inspiring. I have been doing it the last 3 or 4 days and have not only learned so much in my scripture study, but feel SO much more joy and control in my mothering. :) Which leads to my third thing.
    (The talk:

    And here is a summary of it I found on but I still suggest watching it :)-- )

    1. Oh Kaylee, your comment(s, ha!) made my whole day and it makes me really wish we lived closer and could see each other more often. Thank you for the talk reference! I definitely want to watch it, though I'm sure it will be a sort of smack in the face as I have not been good at doing either of those things. I find that so many times I just use my kids as my alarm clock, so there isn't really a time for my to study scriptures during the day until everyone is asleep, and to be honest, at that point my spirituality has flown out the window and I don't make the time to do it then. But I like how you do yours as soon as everyone is in bed and you are feeding Haddie. I was reading conference talks whenever I fed Jane, but have been slacking the past couple of weeks and I've noticed a difference in my mood.
      I love all your thoughts you shared and you are incredible for taking the time to write them all down! Your kids sure are lucky to have such an amazing mom who recognizes the need to spend just a few minutes more on them.
      We need more moms like you who can uplift other moms, because it is so hard even with the encouragement! Also, one last thing, you probably have a skewed picture of what life is really like around here. I haven't gone out of the house hardly at all since Jane was born. In fact, this was the first time I had gone anywhere with all 3 of them by myself, and it was CHAOTIC haha! We mostly bum around the house, watching waaaaaay too much tv, usually in pajamas. ;)) you are so sweet and basically I love you a ton! Even though you are far away you still help me feel so much better!

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