Thursday, February 25, 2016

Please Shine Down on Me!

The sunshine this week has been more than therapeutic. Even just opening the blinds to see the sun and no snow really lifts my spirits. We know that Utah is known to be schizophrenic about the weather, so we've taken advantage and gone out to play every day while it lasts.

These wiggle cars were the best Christmas gift from Ryan's parents. The girls love them!

The longer we were outside, the more clothing Norah began to shed. She informed me that she was getting sweaty and needed to take off her coat! 

We love having a big parking lot right next to our house. I let the girls ride their cars over there and it's close enough for me to bring the baby monitor to listen for Jane. Plus, it keeps them away from the busy street since Lucy is determined to ride straight in the middle of traffic.

When they get worn out from riding their wiggle cars, we swing in the backyard. This swing set was the best investment. 

These two are best friends (and worst enemies, of course). Every day this week as soon as Norah gets back from preschool, they hug and kiss each other. 

Of course, this week hasn't been completely bump-free--I mean, at one point I just pulled out the jar of Nutella and grabbed a spoon! But Monday started us out with an oatmeal cleaning party. Though I do have to take the blame for this one. ;)
I started consistently going back to the gym, and I can tell it makes a big difference in my stress levels. I've been loving it. Lucy, however, breaks my heart a thousand times as she just sobs when I leave her at the daycare. She stands at the window looking over the gym and just stares at me the entire time. She'll occasionally wave and then start crying as soon as I wave back. Such a sweetheart.

This afternoon, while I was transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, I listened to the girls playing so nicely. Upon walking in Norah's room, however, I was greeted with this. Norah was quick to tell me that it was my belated Valentine's present. Oh, in that case, it was definitely worth the wait. ;)) Unfortunately, the present didn't include clean up afterward.

The girls just dote over Jane. Lucy just can't stay away from her, which is cute and frustrating at the same time. She is always smothering her with pats and hugs and kisses.

Jane has become so smiley and interactive. She's a completely different baby from a month ago. Although, the car seat brings out the worst in her. It doesn't matter where we are going, or how short of a ride it is, she shrieks and screams the entire time. So we only go out if we absolutely have to haha.

But overall, it has been a much much better week, and I've been loving spending time with my three little loves. 


  1. So glad for happier days for you! I wrote down in my planner to call you for a playdate and then never got to it. What does your schedule look like? I really would love to get together. (Especially now that the weather is warming up.) We've been loving the sun, too. It's amazing how much good it does to have a little sunlight in life.

  2. HAHAHAH. I love the way you write. "But the car seat brings the worst out of her". hahhaha. And I'm glad you've been able to get out. That's great news. What cute girls!