Thursday, February 18, 2016

Great Grandpa Grimmett

A few weeks ago, Ryan's grandpa passed away, so he drove up to Rexburg with Norah and Lucy for the funeral and I stayed back at home with Jane. Ryan wrote about the weekend and his experience at the funeral:

It is always a strange feeling saying goodbye to people who you always thought would be around. While it was no surprise that my grandpa was getting older and ultimately sicker, it was bitter sweet saying goodbye.

Left: The reception center in Blackfoot was an old tabernacle that had been converted which was really beautiful and had some great engravings that I really enjoyed. Right: All of the great grandkids sang "I Am A Child Of God" and Norah, excited that it was one of the Primary songs she knew, decided to walk up. Lucy didn't want to be left out so she came up and just stood and waved at everyone.

Janel flew down from Alaska and we had a blast driving up from Salt Lake together and was a big help since it was only me and the two girls who came up.

The cemetery was really neat since there was a whole section dedicated for 'Grimmetts' and it was a cool feeling to be around so much of my ancestry in eastern Idaho. Grandpa was buried right next to my great grandparents and it was neat to see their tombstone.

Shaun and his family also drove over from Oregon and Norah and Miley, who are close in age, had a blast hanging out. They would play pretend with puppet shows and cooking on a fake oven for hours and really became good buddies. Lucy, however, is jealous and being semi aggressive she gave poor Miley a couple of bad scratches on her face that made me feel terrible.

There was a lot of family who came to support Grandma Grimmett. 
Norah with her Great Grandpa Grimmett August 2013

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