Thursday, February 25, 2016

Please Shine Down on Me!

The sunshine this week has been more than therapeutic. Even just opening the blinds to see the sun and no snow really lifts my spirits. We know that Utah is known to be schizophrenic about the weather, so we've taken advantage and gone out to play every day while it lasts.

These wiggle cars were the best Christmas gift from Ryan's parents. The girls love them!

The longer we were outside, the more clothing Norah began to shed. She informed me that she was getting sweaty and needed to take off her coat! 

We love having a big parking lot right next to our house. I let the girls ride their cars over there and it's close enough for me to bring the baby monitor to listen for Jane. Plus, it keeps them away from the busy street since Lucy is determined to ride straight in the middle of traffic.

When they get worn out from riding their wiggle cars, we swing in the backyard. This swing set was the best investment. 

These two are best friends (and worst enemies, of course). Every day this week as soon as Norah gets back from preschool, they hug and kiss each other. 

Of course, this week hasn't been completely bump-free--I mean, at one point I just pulled out the jar of Nutella and grabbed a spoon! But Monday started us out with an oatmeal cleaning party. Though I do have to take the blame for this one. ;)
I started consistently going back to the gym, and I can tell it makes a big difference in my stress levels. I've been loving it. Lucy, however, breaks my heart a thousand times as she just sobs when I leave her at the daycare. She stands at the window looking over the gym and just stares at me the entire time. She'll occasionally wave and then start crying as soon as I wave back. Such a sweetheart.

This afternoon, while I was transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, I listened to the girls playing so nicely. Upon walking in Norah's room, however, I was greeted with this. Norah was quick to tell me that it was my belated Valentine's present. Oh, in that case, it was definitely worth the wait. ;)) Unfortunately, the present didn't include clean up afterward.

The girls just dote over Jane. Lucy just can't stay away from her, which is cute and frustrating at the same time. She is always smothering her with pats and hugs and kisses.

Jane has become so smiley and interactive. She's a completely different baby from a month ago. Although, the car seat brings out the worst in her. It doesn't matter where we are going, or how short of a ride it is, she shrieks and screams the entire time. So we only go out if we absolutely have to haha.

But overall, it has been a much much better week, and I've been loving spending time with my three little loves. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week(s) of Blues

The past several days have been rough. We've been cooped up from being sick, and now that the girls are finally getting better, I am feeling that we can't really have people over after a friend made a few comments about Lucy's aggression towards other kids. So I've teamed up with Norah to help teach Lucy how to use her words instead of crying/becoming violent. Two times I've already eaten straight from the ice cream carton which is a direct result of my efforts.

The girls love to play hide and seek. This is their go-to hiding spot haha!

Norah has been climbing in bed with us every single night. And normally it wouldn't be a big deal to me, but having my sleep interrupted more than it already is, has taken it's toll. We bought a toddler clock that will glow green when it's okay for her to come in our room. It arrives on Monday, so we're crossing our fingers that Norah will be excited about it. 

Sometimes I stand and willingly let chaos ensue around me. Other times I am right there ready to prevent a catastrophe, but to no avail. This was one of those times when I was right next to Lucy as she climbed and fell off the back of the couch before I was able to help. Her head ricocheted between the couch and window sill, and she came away with a bloody nose that slowly trickled for the rest of the night.

It has been rough being tired and sad and overwhelmed and frustrated, but then I look back on posts like this and think, "well, I suppose it could be worse. At least I haven't dealt with poop disasters lately." ;))
These cute little girls make life so much more. More excitement, more tiredness, more frustration, more love, more everything. I love them to bits and pieces and confetti.

And Jane too. She gets left out of a lot of pictures. 
Don't let that darling little smile fool you though! ;))

Great Grandpa Grimmett

A few weeks ago, Ryan's grandpa passed away, so he drove up to Rexburg with Norah and Lucy for the funeral and I stayed back at home with Jane. Ryan wrote about the weekend and his experience at the funeral:

It is always a strange feeling saying goodbye to people who you always thought would be around. While it was no surprise that my grandpa was getting older and ultimately sicker, it was bitter sweet saying goodbye.

Left: The reception center in Blackfoot was an old tabernacle that had been converted which was really beautiful and had some great engravings that I really enjoyed. Right: All of the great grandkids sang "I Am A Child Of God" and Norah, excited that it was one of the Primary songs she knew, decided to walk up. Lucy didn't want to be left out so she came up and just stood and waved at everyone.

Janel flew down from Alaska and we had a blast driving up from Salt Lake together and was a big help since it was only me and the two girls who came up.

The cemetery was really neat since there was a whole section dedicated for 'Grimmetts' and it was a cool feeling to be around so much of my ancestry in eastern Idaho. Grandpa was buried right next to my great grandparents and it was neat to see their tombstone.

Shaun and his family also drove over from Oregon and Norah and Miley, who are close in age, had a blast hanging out. They would play pretend with puppet shows and cooking on a fake oven for hours and really became good buddies. Lucy, however, is jealous and being semi aggressive she gave poor Miley a couple of bad scratches on her face that made me feel terrible.

There was a lot of family who came to support Grandma Grimmett. 
Norah with her Great Grandpa Grimmett August 2013

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Heart Full of Love!

After uploading these pictures, I looked back through my Valentine post from last year and felt a little bummed that I didn't spend a little more time on this post. But we're still in the survival stage, so I'm just glad I got some happy pictures (all the crying ones were deleted haha).

Jane looks so grown up in this picture. <3

This week we've been dealing with RSV, bronchiolitis, and pink eye (yay), and you can probably see it in their eyes. Norah especially looked puffy. 

These girls seriously fill my heart to the brim. 

Those delicious toes are so munch-able.
Happy Valentine's Day, from our home to yours. :))

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jane's Blessing

This morning we had family come over to our home to bless our sweet baby Jane. Just like Lucy's blessing, our ward had stake conference the day we wanted to do the blessing, so we had it at home instead. It was such a special day and so neat to see all the men in our family circle around her and support our little family and hear Ryan give her a beautiful blessing

My talented friend, Katie, who owns an etsy shop with adorable girls dresses, helped me make a pattern for Jane's dress and she looked so angelic. 

That sweet little smile just melts my heart into a giant messy puddle.

I love these three sweet babies of mine. They all looked so pure and perfect in their little white dresses. 

We were so grateful for our family to come love on Jane and support us, especially for Ryan's family, who had to travel from Idaho.
Our cute little family.

Four generations. Ryan, Carol (Grandma Grimmett), Jane, and Richard.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ready Or Not, Here I Grow!

I took all three of the girls to the doctor this morning and I'm sure we kept many people entertained as we hurdled through the building with 500 different bags, coats, toys that were brought along for some reason, and a giant car seat with a crying baby. As soon as we checked in and I sat down to fill out Lucy's 18 month questionnaire, Norah informed me that she really had to go potty. So I rounded up all the items again and we all galloped off to the bathroom, where Lucy was immediately drawn to the toilet, Norah tried to shed every article of clothing despite her need to do so, and Jane, of course, continued crying. Even in the moment I thought how ridiculous and funny we must look, but then again it was a pediatric office, so we were in good company. 

Norah's 3 year stats
weight: 35 lbs--81st percentile
height: 37.25 inches--45th percentile

Norah is still loving preschool and gets sad whenever we approach the weekend. She was sick this week and had to miss a day, which made her very sad. We are teaching her the letter sounds and she can recognize about 12 of them so far that I know of. Her favorite letter to point out is "m".
She has started getting to the age where she doesn't want to go to bed at night and she will try and stall as long as possible, always asking for more songs and snuggles (how can I say no to that?). She always wants me to fill her in on what we did while she was at preschool. 
Her favorite color is still pink, by far, so we have a lot of pink clothes, toys, and accessories. She's our little girly girl prima donna. 

Lucy's 18 month stats:
weight: 26 lbs--85th percentile
height: 32.75 inches--66th percentile

Lucy is our boisterous child. I'm still trying to help her learn to not be so aggressive, and honestly, it has been  really emotionally challenging for me. Of course, everything is emotional for me these days, but I feel like I've tried every approach and she still grabs other kids' faces and sometimes leaves pretty bad scratches. I'm at a loss, but the pediatrician said to just try and stay emotionless and keep consistent with showing her what to do instead. So here's to teaching Lucy not to be violent. It's so funny that she acts that way, because she is really such a sweet and snuggly girl. She is always wanting to be held and snuggled while she sucks her thumb. 
Last night when Norah and Lucy were playing in the bath tub, Lucy stood up and then slipped, causing her to chip her front tooth. I didn't notice it had chipped until I was brushing her teeth later on. I felt horrible and felt like I might cry (like I said, very emotional these days). Luckily it's just her baby tooth, but we are just going to have to wait until it falls out. She still looks pretty cute though if you ask me. 

Jane's 2 month stats:
weight: 11 lbs--39th percentile
height: 22.25 inches--34th percentile

Jane is doing much better with her tummy issues. We switched her over to soy formula and it has been a night and day difference. Last weekend, we ran out of the soy formula, so I used some hypoallergenic milk based formula and I immediately noticed that she still had troubles with it, even though it was specifically for those with a dairy allergy. Now we know! I'm so glad we found something that worked. She is still pretty fussy most of the time, so I took her in to a chiropractor at the suggestion of another preschool mom, and I think it has helped! 
She's becoming more and more alert and the light at the end of the tunnel is not quite as dim. Now we just need to figure out how to get her to sleep! ;)

We sure love our three girls and we're so blessed to have them in our lives, happy and healthy.
Norah is ONE! It's been such an incredibly fun year, and I've loved being a mom to this sweet girl. When we moved to Utah in April, a couple girls in my ward and I started getting together every week for a little play group. haha My mom always teased me about doing play group with a 6 month old, but we loved trading off houses and having lunches together while our babes played on the ground. 

All three of our girls were born just a few weeks apart, so we thought it would be fun to throw a combined birthday party for them! Sarah, Katie and I started planning everything a few months before every week during our lunch time and decided to do a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Since we started so far in advance, and since I was excited and didn't have a ton on my plate, we went a little overboard. haha

I suggested we take some cute pictures beforehand to send out with the invitations, so we all got together one Saturday morning in October and brought along a bunch of different clothes and bows to coordinate with each other. Except it was a really cold morning, and the girls' noses were runny. We tried to take some inside at my parents' house at first, but they weren't looking very good and each baby took their turn crying, so it meant we didn't get one of all of them not crying haha. 

We tried again outside, even though it was so cold, and just tried to keep it brief. Even though they aren't all smiling, they were content and we called it good. Aren't they adorable! 
Maribell, Bailey, and Norah

We asked my parents if we could do the party at their house since none of ours would be big enough for all the guests. So we went there the night before the party to set everything up. We definitely went overboard, because we were there until past 11pm trying to finish. Katie was exhausted, but said she still had the cupcakes to make, so when she got home and her husband had already made all of them she was so relieved! 

I had made some outfits for all of the girls to wear and they looked so cute in them! Norah had just learned how to walk before this, so it was so sweet to see her toddling around. Ryan's parents drove down to come to the party and as soon as Norah saw them walk in, she ran to them! It was adorable.

Bailey and Norah.

We definitely could have had fewer decorations, but there were so many ideas on pinterest and we sort of fell in the trap of wanting to do them all. haha oops.

We had tables set up for everyone to sit and eat, and so we put our favorite pictures of the girls from their first year on all the tables.

I'm so glad my parents were so willing to host the party. It was wonderful having so many friends and family come celebrate our little girls. We all made these little signs of our girls, and since I procrastinated making Norah's, Ryan helped out and finished it for me. 

These are all the cupcakes that Katie brought! I'm so glad her husband, Scott, made them for her! They were so cute, and the heads were supposed to be the little cakes for the girls to eat when we sang to them.

Like I said, we definitely went overboard. But it was all so cute!

Norah got lots of snuggles from her cousins and family members!

Haha I love this face that Danny is making. 

All the cousins who were able to make it!

Grandma and Grandpa Brand with Norah. I must have forgotten to take one with Ryan's parents because I can't find one anywhere. :(

Katie and Bailey, Me and Norah, Sarah and Maribell.

We had the party right in between Norah's two naps, so it worked out perfectly.

We set up three highchairs, stripped down the girls and let them go at their cakes.