Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Visit from Grandma Jeanne

Ryan's mom came to stay with us for the week, and it was so nice to rest a little more in the mornings since she took over Norah and Lucy duty. I tried to convince her to stay for a whole month, but alas, she has a life. Wah. We loved having her here, and Ryan and I even got to go out on a couple of dates! 
I also really wanted to finish up sewing Jane's blessing dress, so I worked on that after the girls were in bed and Jeanne took care of Jane if when she didn't go to bed (ha!).

Nathaniel also stopped by for a visit and was immediately attacked.

Jeanne took the girls outside for the first time in....well...a long time. They were ecstatic, despite the freezing cold weather. I'm really excited for it to start getting warmer so we can spend more time out back.

Jeanne helped me troubleshoot Jane's tummy problems and we tried several different formulas before finding that she could only handle soy formula. Phew. What a relief. Normally she screams the entire time we bathe her, but I guess Grandma has the special touch!

Before she left, Jeanne and Norah raked up all of the leaves that have been cluttering our yard for months on end (in our defense, we don't actually own a rake haha). They raked the front yard and cleaned up our very neglected front porch. Thank you for staying with us, Jeanne! I wouldn't have survived this week without you.

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