Saturday, January 30, 2016

Toddlers in Real Life

Winter really gets me down, and with a newborn around, there are times when I go days without stepping a toenail outside. I've had the TV on way too much lately, and because Jane takes a ridiculous amount of time to settle down and fall asleep for naps (ugh), I often leave Norah and Lucy upstairs watching Mother Goose Club (double ugh)--which makes me feel really guilty.

I remember using shaving cream to "clean" the tables in my mom's preschool when I was little and loving it, so I decided to cut down on brain-frying TV and buy a couple of 88 cent cans of shaving cream for the girls to play with while I was preoccupied with a crying baby.

I broke it out for a test run to see how they would like it. What I thought would be a 15 minute activity turned into a 2 minute lets-lather-each-other-up-as-much-as-we-can-so-mom-lets-us-play-in-the-bathtub activity. Nevertheless, they were pretty stinking cute.

This was right after Norah came and smeared a big handful over Lucy's mouth.

Good thing I stripped them down first! ;)

Clean up time! They got the bath they were hoping for. How could I resist such brown eyes? 

Next activity to try out is finger paints, which may not be quite as easy to wipe clean again.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Visit from Grandma Jeanne

Ryan's mom came to stay with us for the week, and it was so nice to rest a little more in the mornings since she took over Norah and Lucy duty. I tried to convince her to stay for a whole month, but alas, she has a life. Wah. We loved having her here, and Ryan and I even got to go out on a couple of dates! 
I also really wanted to finish up sewing Jane's blessing dress, so I worked on that after the girls were in bed and Jeanne took care of Jane if when she didn't go to bed (ha!).

Nathaniel also stopped by for a visit and was immediately attacked.

Jeanne took the girls outside for the first time in....well...a long time. They were ecstatic, despite the freezing cold weather. I'm really excited for it to start getting warmer so we can spend more time out back.

Jeanne helped me troubleshoot Jane's tummy problems and we tried several different formulas before finding that she could only handle soy formula. Phew. What a relief. Normally she screams the entire time we bathe her, but I guess Grandma has the special touch!

Before she left, Jeanne and Norah raked up all of the leaves that have been cluttering our yard for months on end (in our defense, we don't actually own a rake haha). They raked the front yard and cleaned up our very neglected front porch. Thank you for staying with us, Jeanne! I wouldn't have survived this week without you.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hairfree Days

There are children still in utero who have more hair than our 18 month-old Lucy. However, looking back on my post from last year, I can see that our bald days are slowly drifting away. Here are some updates to the classic hairstyles we can manage with the lot we were given.

The comb-over is for whenever we are feeling fancy. But we always make sure to top it off with a bow, lest she be mistaken for a boy, which unfortunately isn't that uncommon despite her sporting 26 different shades of pink.

The faux-hawk is probably the one with the most drastic change from last post. If only she had hair that long on the sides. sigh. 

Straight down the middle. She can somehow manage to grow a mustache faster than she can grow hair on the top of her head. 

Slicked Back. With this hairstyle, she can pass as a senior citizen and get us discounts when we go out together!

After months of trying, I've finally been able to bundle up enough hair for a Ponytail! It's just the cutest. :)

 And for days when her hair is just way too uncontrollable (ha!) we pull out our "bad hair day hat" and call is as cute as can be.

I love this sparkly-eyed baldy baby of mine. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Approximately 250 Newborn Diapers Later

We've officially used up all the newborn diapers and have moved onto the next size up. Things are looking not quite as bleak around here, and we've even cut down on the number of frozen pizzas being eaten per week, although I make up for that with after-the-kids-are-in-bed-popcorn.

I've now been nominated the new grumpy cat. I called dibs on being the cranky, crabby, grumpy one for the rest of the month my life (the rule is no more than one grumpy person allowed in the house at all times) and the girls have respected that for the most part. Every now and then I'll have to remind them about the rule. 

But really, the girls have been pretty good with sharing the attention. Jane has been napping better, which allows me to spend more time with Norah and Lucy. We use that time wisely by building forts in the living room and having lots of dance parties before naps and bed--gotta get those wiggles out for maximum sleep time!

Jane is still dealing with tummy issues, although she has been doing a little better the past couple days, so things are looking up!

Her little legs are starting to fill out and every day she is looking less and less like a newborn.
My crankiness is directly affected by how well Jane sleeps, so send good vibes that she will sleep better for the sake of everyone around me! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam!

This past Sunday was the first time we had gone to our ward in two months. We were plagued with sickness for a couple weeks in the beginning of November and then once Jane was born, all church-going aspirations flew out the window. So after several weeks absence I was really ready to get back to church and start the year off right. It would be Norah's first day in primary as a sunbeam, Lucy's first day in Nursery, my first day in relief society since being released as a primary teacher, and Jane's first day, period. Ryan's dad was in town for the weekend, so he helped us manage the first hour of sacrament meeting, which meant taking turns walking the halls with Norah and Lucy after all the snacks were gone and the toys had been exhausted. 

After the hour, Ryan took Lucy to nursery, and I took Norah and Jane to primary. Norah's arms and my leg suddenly became Velcro'd together, so we all sat towards the back until she felt more comfortable. I was able to convince her to try and sit with her class, but she kept turning around and checking to see if I was still there. Then she started smiling and waving occasionally, which would turn into her running back every few minutes to give me a hug or a kiss on the cheek before running back to her seat. It was so adorable that I didn't mind at all staying and watching, but then about 5 minutes later, she got up and yelled to me, "Mom, you can go now. I'll be fine!" So I took the hint and gave her some space. I peaked on Ryan and Lucy in Nursery and wished I could have been in there too, but Ryan took lots of pictures and gave me a full account afterwards so I didn't feel so left out. 

We're working on the whole biting issue, hence the reason Ryan stayed with her the whole time.

Snack time

She was getting sleepy towards the end.

I failed to take any pictures of Norah during sharing time, but here is an after shot!

Overall, it was a successful first day back to church, and I'm glad the new transitions haven't been too hard.