Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend In Rexburg

Some of Ryan's family was visiting Rexburg for graduation, so we decided to drive up for the weekend to see everyone. Unfortunately, it decided to snow the morning we drove up, and it was hectic.

The roads were clear besides a little rain until we got to Pocatello. It was snowing and the roads were so slick. We came to a stop and didn't move for over an hour. Turns out that a semi truck had jack knifed across the freeway. 

Jane was getting so restless and kept crying no matter what I did. So I finally just pulled her out of her car seat and let her hang out up front with us. But of course, just a few minutes later, we started to move again. We came to a stop again and I felt so bad for the girls for sitting in their uncomfortable car seats.

It ended up taking 2 hours longer than our normal time to get there. Good thing we had all sorts of movies and snacks ready for them.

We finally made it to Rexburg and hung around the house for the rest of the night, not wanting to spend another second in the car. We saw Ryan's cousins for just a bit since they had been at graduation, but they were leaving early in the morning to drive back home, so we just chatted for a while.

Just as we were getting into bed, Norah said she had to go potty, so I took her in the bathroom and she threw up right into the toilet. Poor thing got up a few more times that night to throw up and was feeling lethargic and tired the next morning. I never know if it's because she is sick or if it's because she ate too many sweets---she had a GI tract test last year to see what the issue was after having several vomiting episodes, but we never found anything and we still haven't really seen a major pattern to track, so we're just guessing.

Norah kept lounging around on the couch or going back downstairs to lay in bed. She kept asking for snuggles and I gladly obliged.

It was so nice to just hang out at the house and not have anything to do or anywhere to go. I didn't even start to get ready until 2pm!

I played card games with Jeanne, Janel, Nathaniel, and their grandma for most of the morning. Then before nap time we opened up birthday presents from Janel for birthdays in November.

Janel got some some darling princess books that are really nice because they talk about princesses doing normal activities like wearing hiking boots, scraping knees, or playing in the mud. 

It was a very thoughtful and practical gift! We love books!

And since Janel just recently went to China, she also got them these adorable little traditional dresses for the girls. 

They are so cute and Norah was especially glad she had pink. ;)

Lastly, she got them some cute little panda backpacks as well. They are all about purses and bags, so this was a perfect gift.

Janel also got me a really pretty bracelet made from vintage spoons. She's had one for a while and I always thought it was so pretty! Now, if I can only keep it out of Norah's reach. ;)

We put the girls all down for naps and Ryan and I took off to go celebrate our wedding anniversary in Idaho Falls. 
Ryan's dad moved into a new office a few months ago so we stopped by to see the new building and all the new department equipment. It made me feel really nostalgic and I felt really sad that I am not in school anymore. I told Ryan that I would move back to Rexburg just to go to school again...and then we walked out into the below-zero-degree weather and I promptly changed my mind. 

We waited on a freeway again after an accident, but finally made it to Ammon for some sushi and dessert. Once we finally made it to our hotel, the staff realized that our suite was not ready...which meant even more waiting. I was feeling cold and frustrated (but maybe that was because Frozen was playing on the TV haha) when they finally let us in. 

Every time we stay somewhere over night, we never sleep in late so we can get back to the girls at a reasonable time. But I told Ryan that next time we stay somewhere, I want to sleep in as late as I can haha. The view of the temple was beautiful and it was a nice way to spend our anniversary. 

We had lunch back at the house before packing up and heading back to Utah. It felt like a short trip and we both wished we would have been able to stay one more day, but it was actually a fun weekend and we're so glad we were able to see everyone!

December Preschool Field Trip

Lucy started preschool at the beginning on December, which was a good time to start since it's been such a fun month with Christmas activities. Every year, the preschool visits the grandmas and grandpas at The Charleston assisted living center to sing carols, do activities, and hand out christmas cards they've colored. 

I had someone come to our house to stay with Jane while she napped so I could go with the girls and watch them. We got there a bit late, but just in time for them to lay on the ground and have my mom sing and drop "snowflakes" on them.

Afterwards, they got to collect the snow and have a little snowball fight. The grandmas and grandpas watching thought it was so fun!

The kids all took some paper plates and skated around the room to some traditional ice skating music. Norah was glued to my side and didn't want to skate.

Then everyone partnered up for some horse rides using scarves.

The girls were adamant about me doing it with them, but then lost interest altogether for a couple minutes.

I finally convinced them to do it together, so Norah drove Lucy all around the room...

...then out the door!

They didn't even look back to see if I was watching, but luckily for me, I didn't end up having to chase them down because they drove all the way back on their own.

I was a little sad that both girls hadn't wanted to sing any of the songs up until this point, despite having practiced in the car on the way there. But then when everyone started the main song, Norah jumped right in and I was so happy!

She didn't do the actions, but she knew all the words and sang the whole time. Lucy is usually a huge singer, but I think she was just interested in looking around. She did a few actions, so I guess she made up for Norah. ;)

We handed out cards to everyone watching the program.

Then we ended by singing a few Christmas hymns before heading back to the preschool for the rest of the school day.

They were so fun to watch and I'm glad I got to be there and not have to worry about Jane so I could really enjoy it.

Norah's best preschool friend! They seem to do everything together and they were so cute holding hands and hugging.

I love how Norah and Gwen let Lucy take part in their games. 

We headed back to preschool to decorate gingerbread cookies and I wanted to get a picture of them in their cute Christmas outfits, but this was the best I could do. 

Lucy was feeling especially grumpy, so I tried to cheer her up some before sending her in.

She's my sweet girl and I love that she loves going to preschool! Now that this is my mom's final year of teaching, I suppose we'll just have to visit The Charleston on our own next year to keep the tradition going. :)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gingerbread Houses!

My sister and I decided it was high time we got our fannies into gear and started up our long lost gingerbread-house-making tradition. She and I both made a few houses each beforehand and everyone came with candy to decorate.

Norah and Lucy helped me put together the gingerbread houses a few days before, and they were so antsy to meet at Holly and Greg's house for some candy and cousin fun!

All the kiddos got gingerbread men to decorate

Norah and Ella

Norah was so proud of her gingerbread man...

...and she knew exactly how she wanted it to go down.

I think all the kiddos had a great time decorating their cookies. Brittney and I both made four houses, but boy oh boy did hers outshine mine in every way! She said she and Dave spent nearly all day putting them together. 

Isn't it gorgeous? Mine didn't hold a candle to hers, but I felt bad that not everyone ended up even decorating so all that hard work was for naught.

Dad, Mom, Brooklyn.

This was my lovely version of a gingerbread house haha. I just boiled sugar to "glue" the walls all together, but as you can see I was struggling with that part.

We ran out of candy pretty darn fast, but everyone was creative and made their houses so pretty with what they had.

I had to cut off Norah and Lucy from their sugar intake so they played downstairs most of the time. We had such a great time with everyone, and even though I ended up throwing away our gingerbread house because I have no self control when it comes to candy and sweets, I am glad we started the tradition again....though I think we'll skip the houses next time and just stick to men. ;)