Thursday, December 24, 2015

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Holidays are so fun with the girls around. They've been eye-balling the presents under the tree and constantly reorganizing the ornaments on the branches. I haven't put much effort into talking about Santa, but I think Norah has picked up on it enough to know that there are presents coming from him, but not enough to understand that she has to be a good girl in order to be on his nice list haha. Next year we'll be using that as leverage as much as possible. 

The presents are wrapped, the kitchen is clean, the breakfast is prepped, and we're ready for some cozy christmas morning festivities. 
Santa better hurry his belly over to our house if he wants to get any cookies before they're gone!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. I love your adorable girls!! Merry Christmas to you all! I love you!