Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Polar Express

One tradition that has developed for us is going to the Polar Express Train Ride that a family in Lindon puts on every year for anyone who wants to participate. Luckily, we were able to reserve seats ahead of time. I hear that they fill up really quickly and then they end up turning people away.

Before boarding, everyone waits in the garage, which has been decked out with christmas trees and presents, where a projector is showing the movie The Polar Express. The train track goes around a few different houses with a stop at "Santa's workshop". The seats have speakers built in with Christmas music playing and picture displays of Jesus the whole way around.

They called our group name to board the train, only 45 seconds before it was about to leave the "station". And so, of course, Jane thought that would be a perfect time to spit up all over Ryan, meaning that he missed the first part of the ride in order to run to the car for a burp cloth and new blanket.

Because we were the last in line to see Santa, Ryan was able to meet up with us for the visit. But not before Lucy, who was on a destructive mission, climbed back behind the small train display to grab all the toys within her reach. Fortunately a worker was able to grab her and keep the damage to a minimum.

We really tried to prep Norah about our expectations for sitting on Santa's lap, but when it came down to it, she didn't care HOW many candy canes he offered her, she was not sitting on his lap, which meant Lucy didn't want to either. 

At least one of our children sees the importance of this kodak moment. ;)

Back on the train all together with candy canes and Santa no where in sight = contentment
Still not enough for smiles, however.

Hymns played the rest of the way as we looked at the pictures.  

I really loved this one in particular.

It may have been chaotic most of the time, but then again I guess it makes for a better story, right?
It was a really neat experience though, and it was so fun to take the girls out. 

Norah refused to get a picture in front of the entrance sign with us after she fell and skinned her knee, but little did she know that she made it in after all.  ;)

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