Saturday, December 5, 2015

Janel Visits!

Ryan's sister, Janel, stayed with us for the week after she finished a six week adventure across the United States visiting friends and family. We were glad to have her spend such a long time with us, especially since it has been so hard with a newborn. She has just swooped in and taken over with Norah and Lucy, and it has been a lifesaver. 
Not only did she entertain the girls, run errands, and make meals, she bought birthday gifts, early Christmas gifts, and gifts just because--she is seriously the most generous person.

Lucy loved trying on the boots Janel gave me for my birthday. And Norah got her dream gift from her cousins, a princess makeover set. 

Janel bought the girls some nice coats and, let me tell you, they LOVE them. I'm not kidding when I say that Lucy wants to wear her coat every day, all day. Whenever she sees it, she immediately starts saying, "toat" and insists on putting it on haha! 

The girls got ahold of same cassette tapes and started pulling out all the tape, so Ryan started to stop them and then realized...wait...people don't use cassettes anymore....proceed. And they did so happily.

Janel took the girls outside during a rare sunny afternoon for some sidewalk chalking. 

As you can tell, they had a grand time. It was so nice to have Janel here for the week and we will all miss her so much! 

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