Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Birthday

After months and months of anticipation, this sweet girl finally turned 3 today! She was star of the week at preschool last week and so I got to go and highlight her in front of the class with pictures and a special "solar walk". She made sure we didn't forget that she was the star for the whole week! 

If she could go to preschool every day, she would. It's not uncommon for her to give a deep sigh and say, "I love preschool". One day, while sitting at the table and eating lunch, Norah thoughtfully finished her bite of sandwich and said, "Mom, do you know Claude Monet?"
I often hear her singing songs that she learns from preschool and it makes me so happy that she loves to learn.

 One of Norah's new favorite things to do is play dress up. However, she makes sure that she gets full usage out of all of her dress up clothes by putting every single thing on at the same time. Usually, she has a hard time fitting some of the tutus on over the others, and results in frustrated tears, but now she's really starting to get the hang of it. 

Painted toes and all!

We sure love our sweet Norah Olivia. Happy Birthday! :))

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