Sunday, November 1, 2015

Red Riding Hood Halloween Costumes

I decided several months ago that I wanted to coordinate our Halloween costumes this year and go as character from Little Red Riding Hood!

Norah was so excited to dress up with her basket and get candy (duh!). Doesn't she make such a darling Red Riding Hood? I bought her this book a while ago and we've been reading it a lot, so she is familiar with the story.

Her little braids just make her look so old!

I think Lucy's costume was the highlight. I could NOT stop laughing when I first put it on her. That wig and bonnet just kills me. 

The glasses were so perfect, but she did not like having them on her face. Luckily I was able to get a few pictures of her in them, because she is just too dang cute with them perched on the tip of her nose! I'm loving her double chin in this one. ;)) 

Everytime I confirmed to Norah that I was going to dress up as the wolf, she would get really pouty. She didn't want me to go as the wolf, but wanted me to dress up as Bo Peep again, like last year. Finally, she agreed that I could be the wolf as long as I was a nice one. :)

I wanted to incorporate my prego belly in my costume somehow, so I decided to be post-granny-eating-wolf. Here she is, trying to get out of my belly. haha!

Ryan, of course, dressed as the hunter, who saves the day by slaying the wolf and saving the cute little granny and red. Check out that chopping stance. :P

Ryan suggested that he grow an actual beard for his costume, and after .05 seconds of me thinking about it, I suggested we find some sort of fake beard that I had seen online. He obliged I didn't withhold any kisses from him. ;))

Once upon a time, there was a darling girl named Red Riding Hood, who was sent with a basket of goodies to visit her dear old granny through the deep dark forest. 

After skipping through the forest, impressionable little red gladly took the hand of the wolf and they walked together toward granny's house.

And although the wolf promised to be a nice wolf, wolves are known for breaking their promises. So little red ran off in search of granny's on her own.

Unfortunately, the wolf got to granny's first and found those chubby cheeks irresistibly delicious. The greedy wolf swallowed her whole and didn't even bother to chew.

The wolf stuck around for dessert to show up, but upon reaching granny's cottage, Red riding hood began to feel very suspicious...

So she called to the hunter for help, to which he responded by swiftly slaughtering the wolf and freeing the poor little granny. What a hero!

Granny and Red together again! 

After the wolf recovered, red riding hood granted forgiveness and they all lived happily ever after!

....that is, until they practiced trick or treating at Grandma Brand's house and were given pencils instead of candy. *gasp!

Norah wasn't amused.

But luckily, the wolf was nice now and consoled her until Grandpa Brand swooped in with a real treat that passed the test.

The end!

We went to a trunk or treat that evening, and quickly filled Norah's tiny basket with all sorts of goodies! 

Lucy quickly got the hang of it and promptly put every piece straight into her mouth, wrapper and all. 

Afterwards, we took them around to houses for some real trick or treating! Both of the girls managed to grab the most disgusting candy out of a wide selection of delicacies. "Hmmm....snickers or dum dums? I think I'll get a dum dum." Sigh. We all had so so much fun though and it was so fun watching Norah and Lucy enjoy it.

We came home to pop popcorn and watch a short little halloween movie together, minus Lucy, she went to bed. It was quite a successful Halloween night! 

For everyone who is tired of reading, now is the time to peace out. But I wanted to give credit to where I got ideas for the costumes and accessories, so everyone else who has nothing better to do--or is really ambitious about next year's costumes--read on!  ;))

For both Norah and Lucy's dresses I used this site for guidance. There is a free printable for the dress pattern, but I had to alter both of them a bit in order to get what I was going for. I put zippers in instead of buttons and followed this tutorial for that. Since learning to sew it on my own I have become a little obsessed with learning other styles and patterns to make more dresses for the girls! It's so fun! 
For Lucy's wig and apron I followed this tutorial. And for Norah's vest and cape I followed this tutorial. I had to redo the cape hood twice, and it was still a little small around the face, but I called it good and moved on.
I bought Lucy's glasses just from the dollar tree and then got some wire and used an old necklace chain to attach it around her neck.
I got some iron on transfer paper from walmart and just printed Lucy's granny photo straight onto it then followed the directions and ironed it onto a piece of fabric. I then used a basting stitch to sew that onto the shirt I wore. That way it wouldn't be permanent and I could use the seam ripper to take it off again when we were done.
The fur vest I just made by making a pattern from a vest I already had and using some faux fur from Joann Fabric. It ended up being super bulky and making me look like I was 500 pounds, but it was all in the name of costume, right?
The tail was made by using the same faux fur and wrapping it around some cushion foam, then stitching it all the way down to a point. I poked 2 holes at the top of the tail and strung a 1/4 inch elastic through and around my waist to secure it to my fanny.
The ears were made with triangle shaped faux fur and then sewn onto a skinny plastic headband. They were stiff enough to just stand up on their own without anything else.
Ryan bought his beard hat from here, although I was going to attempt to make one since I had seen tutorials for yarn beards. I'm he wanted to just buy one though because I don't know how mine would have turned out, honestly.
Ryan made his axe using some brown textured looking duct tape wrapped around some pvc pipe. He spray painted some cardboard that he cut out and then weaved some brown shoelace around it to secure it to the pipe. He loosely followed this tutorial (which also has a tutorial for a child sized beard).
Anyway, I think that's it. We pretty much had everything else on hand. I learned SO much putting these things together and had a lot of opportunities to bond with my seam ripper. That little guy is a life saver.

Now YOU can go as a red riding hood crowd if you want! 

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