Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Preparing for Baby's Arrival

Last Wednesday night at around 10:00pm, after Ryan and I finished watching Downton Abbey, I was feeling slight cramping, but brushed it off as the result of laying on my back for too long. We got ready for bed, however, laying down on my side was not helping. In fact, it seemed to be making things worse and that's when I decided that these were contractions, which were actually pretty close together, and not going to go away anytime soon. 

At 11:00 we called my parents and had my dad come over to stay with the girls while we went to the hospital. I was 2 days away from being 36 weeks and feeling very unprepared to have a baby that night so I thought maybe they could just give me medication to stop the contractions and send us back home. easy peasy. But little did I know that because I was so far along, they weren't going to give me anything to stop it OR progress it. I just basically had to progress on my own until they decided that it was true labor and they would admit me. 

Two and a half hours later, after staying the same, I told them just to give me some pain medicine so we could go home and at least sleep. And sleep was all I needed for my body to relax enough for the contractions to finally stop.

I was relieved, disappointed, annoyed, etc. Relieved, because 1) it's safer for the baby to develop a little longer. And 2) I wouldn't miss out on all the fun Halloween excitement (yes, I know that's a lame reason). Disappointed, because I went home still pregnant! Annoyed, because it had to happen in the middle of the night.

Anyway, this experienced opened my eyes that the baby could literally be here anytime, which meant I needed to get my fanny into gear and clean up and organize the house! Also, while in the triage room, in my hospital gown, I looked down at my very sad, overgrown, dirty toenails and decided it was time to give them some loving.

Now that we've painted our toenails, we are all prepared for baby to get here.
The last time we painted our toenails was also documented because it really doesn't happen often (Lucy little 5 months old toes look so squishy)! 

Don't look too closely, because approximately 23 of these thirty painted toes are smudged, chipped or just plain uneven.

I gave the girls a bath after dinner tonight and when Ryan came home from work, I told them to show him their cute toes only to discover that they had all been completely washed off!
Come on baby lady, we're all ready for you to come now! :)

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