Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pajama Week

At the beginning of this year, Lucy somehow contracted RSV & Bronchiolitis. Unfortunately, she was so little when it happened that she was much more likely to get it again if she were to get sick, which is exactly what has happened several times since. She was prescribed an inhaler about a month after her first episode of bronchiolitis, but then we went into Summer and didn't really have any problems for a while. Fall has kicked our fannies pretty bad. 

We took Lucy into urgent care one evening a couple of months ago because she was wheezing and really struggling to breathe, but after a good night's rest, she recovered really quickly. The same thing happened a few weeks later, and she recovered on her own again, although it took a bit longer. 

So when she started wheezing and coughing in the middle of the night this past week, we tried eeeeeverything to get her comfortable and back to sleep. She seemed so miserable, that is until we brought her in bed with us, then she seemed perfectly happy babbling loudly in our ears, poking our noses, and pulling at the picture frame above our heads. Needless to say, we were ALL exhausted by morning.

After dropping off Norah at preschool, Lucy and I went to the doctor to see how to make her better.

This is the most brilliant thing. Lucy played in here almost the entire time we were waiting. Why doesn't every doctor office have something like this?

Lucy was pretty traumatized with the doctor or nurse trying to examine her. There were lots of tears, and it was only a stethoscope and a foot oxygen reader. She was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, her oxygen levels were low, and she had a mild fever so they ordered a nebulizer treatment there in the office. Now the tears were really coming. I was supposed to keep the mask on her face (or near her face at the very least) for 10 to 15 minutes and she screamed until the very end when she maneuvered her thumb into her mouth for a good soothing thumb-sucking session.

Her oxygen levels went up after the treatment, which I was so grateful for because the doctor said that she was on the verge of being admitted to the hospital for oxygen support. He sent us home with a prescription to the suction clinic if we needed it and instructions for me to keep an eye on her breathing patterns. This poor girl had a restless night's sleep and missed her morning nap, so she fell asleep during the 5 minute car ride home. 

 That evening, Lucy started really struggling to breathe again, so I decided to take her back into the doctor's office where they did another tear-filled nebulizer treatment and gave us a prescription for our own nebulizer to use at home. 

Because Lucy got RSV and bronchiolitis at such a young age, it is very likely that she has asthma. They don't diagnose that until at least age two, but she has had a bad case of eczema, which apparently is another symptom for asthma, so it's not looking too bright for her. However, the doctor said that it is something she could grow out of as she gets older, and now we have the nebulizer at home to use whenever we need so we can prevent future doctor visits. 

After doing the nebulizer several times a day for the past few days, Lucy has really gotten used to it, and it doesn't even bother her. But that doesn't mean she doesn't make me sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" a million times in a row to keep her entertained while she is attached. 

Today I made Ryan do the afternoon treatment, and now he has set the bar high because he let her watch puppy videos. Whatever makes her happy. :)) We're just so glad that she is feeling so much better (and sleeping at night again)! 


  1. We got one of those just before I had Haddie for Phoebe and Pax to both do because Phoebe got diagnosed with both RSV and Bronchiolitis. It's such a pain, but yeah, movies are the best for it! :) It's the only way we could get Phoebe to do it. Hope she starts getting better soon. And now you have it on hand so you can just whip it out when needed, right?! ;) And ps...Hope your labor goes well...soon! :) Well, as soon as little Lucy starts feeling better!
    And P.s. I remember Braden, my nephew, got RSV as a little baby and everytime he got sick at all it would quickly escalate because of that risk of asthma, but he outgrew it after like age 3 or 4. He doesn't have asthma. Just a little glimmer of hope for you :) I sure love you and love reading your blog! Good luck with everything coming up!

    1. Oh that does give me a glimmer of hope! I already felt terrible that she got sick so young, but now that she might have asthma because of it makes me feel worse! But yes, I'm very glad we have the nebulizer now so we can just use it whenever we need without having to go anywhere!
      I was bummed that I hadn't had the baby yet, but then when this happened it helped me to look on the bright side because I can't imagine having gone through this week with a newborn!