Monday, November 30, 2015

Hospital Pictures

My good friend, Arielle, came and took pictures for us at the hospital just a few hours after Jane was born. Arielle has her own photography business, Anchored Image, and today is the last day to purchase her awesome black friday deal, so if you're in Utah, you should definitely check that out.

She captured some really sweet things of little Jane.


I love these little toes

I thought it would be a good idea to have Arielle come right before Norah and Lucy came for the first time so that we could get their first reactions to the baby. However, what we really should have done was let them come before, because I think the hospital was overwhelming and so both of them were pretty cranky. Norah didn't want anything to do with the new baby haha.

And yet, Arielle still managed to get some cute pictures out of them.

Our first family photo. You can tell that Ryan and I are both completely exhausted.

We put on a whole show in order to get the girls to stay still and look towards the camera. 

The cutest bunch of toes I ever did see. :))

My mom with Jane.

Even though I didn't make it to the scheduled induction time, Ryan's mom had come into town to watch the girls and so it worked out perfectly. I love all of these pictures of Jane with her grandmas.

My sister was also in town for Thanksgiving week and got to meet Jane, which was really special since she lives so far away (boo)!

I love these pictures so much! And since then, Norah and Lucy have both really warmed up to Jane. It's definitely been an adjustment for all of us, but Norah loves asking to hold Jane and then using her new doctor set that she got for her birthday to give "the new baby" a check up. Lucy loves to say "baby" every time she sees Jane and loves giving her kisses, but we are still really careful since Lucy still grabs at her, luckily nothing has happened yet. 
I love my three girls and I'm so glad Jane is finally here safe and sound.

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  1. Arielle did a great job of capturing the different emotions of the girls! So funny! So cute! I love you and your family, Hannah! You and Ryan and your girls bring so much joy into our family!