Monday, November 30, 2015

Hospital Pictures

My good friend, Arielle, came and took pictures for us at the hospital just a few hours after Jane was born. Arielle has her own photography business, Anchored Image, and today is the last day to purchase her awesome black friday deal, so if you're in Utah, you should definitely check that out.

She captured some really sweet things of little Jane.


I love these little toes

I thought it would be a good idea to have Arielle come right before Norah and Lucy came for the first time so that we could get their first reactions to the baby. However, what we really should have done was let them come before, because I think the hospital was overwhelming and so both of them were pretty cranky. Norah didn't want anything to do with the new baby haha.

And yet, Arielle still managed to get some cute pictures out of them.

Our first family photo. You can tell that Ryan and I are both completely exhausted.

We put on a whole show in order to get the girls to stay still and look towards the camera. 

The cutest bunch of toes I ever did see. :))

My mom with Jane.

Even though I didn't make it to the scheduled induction time, Ryan's mom had come into town to watch the girls and so it worked out perfectly. I love all of these pictures of Jane with her grandmas.

My sister was also in town for Thanksgiving week and got to meet Jane, which was really special since she lives so far away (boo)!

I love these pictures so much! And since then, Norah and Lucy have both really warmed up to Jane. It's definitely been an adjustment for all of us, but Norah loves asking to hold Jane and then using her new doctor set that she got for her birthday to give "the new baby" a check up. Lucy loves to say "baby" every time she sees Jane and loves giving her kisses, but we are still really careful since Lucy still grabs at her, luckily nothing has happened yet. 
I love my three girls and I'm so glad Jane is finally here safe and sound.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jane's Birth

This whole birthing adventure really started long before delivery time Monday morning. It was a few weeks ago that my hips felt like they had unhinged from the rest of my body and were just dangling, held on by a string of skin. I was really feeling like the baby would make her arrival anytime, especially since I had already had contractions consistent enough to land us in the hospital just before Halloween. Since Norah and Lucy both came early (2 weeks and 10 days respectively) I had no doubt in my mind that this baby would be just as considerate and maybe even come earlier for the sake of my hips. But as my due date got closer and closer, my mood slipped further and further into a constant depression. I'm sure everyone around me was just plain sick and tired of my talking about the baby coming, especially Ryan, poor fellow. So I decided to go unleash my emotions on my unsuspecting hair stylist. Her tip totally depended on her sympathy levels, and she earned it. 
Skip forward to Saturday evening (21st) when my mom, sisters and I went to a movie to celebrate one of sister's visiting from out of town. About halfway through Mockingjay, contractions were coming close together. There were probably still 20 minutes left in the movie when the contractions were 1 minute apart and each lasting just as long. Because of my history with Lucy's birth, I decided it was probably safer to head home. Ryan and I got to the hospital around midnight, but unfortunately it was almost an exact repeat of the last time we went to the hospital, and leaving me more depressed and exhausted than ever. 

At the hospital for the second time. Feeling exhausted at 2:00am
Sunday was a long, tiring day and the contractions turned back on, only this time they were cranked up on the pain scale. I had an induction scheduled for 6:30am the next morning, so I left my parents' house to go home a little early to shower and get in bed. I went to sleep around 11, but between contractions and a stuffy nose, my sleep was pretty restless. I woke up around 1:30am because the contractions were too painful to sleep through, but I was so tired still that I didn't want to get up. Ryan could tell I was pretty uncomfortable so finally around 2:00am we decided to go to the hospital after all and, worst case scenario, they would just keep me there until my induction at 6:30 if I didn't progress on my own. 
Arriving at the hospital around 2:20am, I was in a lot of pain during each contraction and they were getting closer. They immediately checked my progress in triage and after seeing I was at 5cm, they had me go right over to the delivery room where they called in for an epidural and got me started on an antibiotic for group b strep as soon as possible. At this point, I knew in the back of my mind that this baby was going to come fast, but I wanted that epidural more than anything so I just tried to brush it off. The counter pressure the nurse and Ryan were applying during contractions were only mildly helpful and my body was seriously shaking uncontrollably. I was nervous the epidural wouldn't go well because of the extreme shaking, but the anesthetist was really nice and made me feel calm about the epidural process (one of the worst parts in my experience). He got everything strapped in place and so I laid back down, only to have my water break and realize the baby was on her way out. 
The anesthetist realized that it was too late for the epidural pump, so he just gave me a dose in a syringe and took off the pump. The doctor came in and said they were ready after I panicked about feeling the urge to push. He was really nice and calm and helped me breathe when I felt like the pushing was too painful. It lasted no more than five minutes, but you can bet there were some serious whale face moments going on.
At 3:09am our third baby girl began to wail, something I don't remember hearing right away at the other two deliveries, and the pain was finally starting to subside. 

There was such an instantaneous feeling of love for both baby Jane and Ryan. Giving birth is an incredible experience and I'm so glad Ryan was there by my side.

6 lbs. 4 oz. 19inches long. 
Jane Elise Grimmett, we love you so much!

We both thought  she looked so much like Lucy when we first saw her. When I look through baby pictures of Norah, I can see that Jane is a pretty good mix. In other words, she's darling. :))

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Birthday

After months and months of anticipation, this sweet girl finally turned 3 today! She was star of the week at preschool last week and so I got to go and highlight her in front of the class with pictures and a special "solar walk". She made sure we didn't forget that she was the star for the whole week! 

If she could go to preschool every day, she would. It's not uncommon for her to give a deep sigh and say, "I love preschool". One day, while sitting at the table and eating lunch, Norah thoughtfully finished her bite of sandwich and said, "Mom, do you know Claude Monet?"
I often hear her singing songs that she learns from preschool and it makes me so happy that she loves to learn.

 One of Norah's new favorite things to do is play dress up. However, she makes sure that she gets full usage out of all of her dress up clothes by putting every single thing on at the same time. Usually, she has a hard time fitting some of the tutus on over the others, and results in frustrated tears, but now she's really starting to get the hang of it. 

Painted toes and all!

We sure love our sweet Norah Olivia. Happy Birthday! :))

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pajama Week

At the beginning of this year, Lucy somehow contracted RSV & Bronchiolitis. Unfortunately, she was so little when it happened that she was much more likely to get it again if she were to get sick, which is exactly what has happened several times since. She was prescribed an inhaler about a month after her first episode of bronchiolitis, but then we went into Summer and didn't really have any problems for a while. Fall has kicked our fannies pretty bad. 

We took Lucy into urgent care one evening a couple of months ago because she was wheezing and really struggling to breathe, but after a good night's rest, she recovered really quickly. The same thing happened a few weeks later, and she recovered on her own again, although it took a bit longer. 

So when she started wheezing and coughing in the middle of the night this past week, we tried eeeeeverything to get her comfortable and back to sleep. She seemed so miserable, that is until we brought her in bed with us, then she seemed perfectly happy babbling loudly in our ears, poking our noses, and pulling at the picture frame above our heads. Needless to say, we were ALL exhausted by morning.

After dropping off Norah at preschool, Lucy and I went to the doctor to see how to make her better.

This is the most brilliant thing. Lucy played in here almost the entire time we were waiting. Why doesn't every doctor office have something like this?

Lucy was pretty traumatized with the doctor or nurse trying to examine her. There were lots of tears, and it was only a stethoscope and a foot oxygen reader. She was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, her oxygen levels were low, and she had a mild fever so they ordered a nebulizer treatment there in the office. Now the tears were really coming. I was supposed to keep the mask on her face (or near her face at the very least) for 10 to 15 minutes and she screamed until the very end when she maneuvered her thumb into her mouth for a good soothing thumb-sucking session.

Her oxygen levels went up after the treatment, which I was so grateful for because the doctor said that she was on the verge of being admitted to the hospital for oxygen support. He sent us home with a prescription to the suction clinic if we needed it and instructions for me to keep an eye on her breathing patterns. This poor girl had a restless night's sleep and missed her morning nap, so she fell asleep during the 5 minute car ride home. 

 That evening, Lucy started really struggling to breathe again, so I decided to take her back into the doctor's office where they did another tear-filled nebulizer treatment and gave us a prescription for our own nebulizer to use at home. 

Because Lucy got RSV and bronchiolitis at such a young age, it is very likely that she has asthma. They don't diagnose that until at least age two, but she has had a bad case of eczema, which apparently is another symptom for asthma, so it's not looking too bright for her. However, the doctor said that it is something she could grow out of as she gets older, and now we have the nebulizer at home to use whenever we need so we can prevent future doctor visits. 

After doing the nebulizer several times a day for the past few days, Lucy has really gotten used to it, and it doesn't even bother her. But that doesn't mean she doesn't make me sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" a million times in a row to keep her entertained while she is attached. 

Today I made Ryan do the afternoon treatment, and now he has set the bar high because he let her watch puppy videos. Whatever makes her happy. :)) We're just so glad that she is feeling so much better (and sleeping at night again)!