Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's Shell-abration Time!

When you don't have any little boys to plan parties for, you use your husband's birthday as an excuse to throw a fun boy themed party! Besides, Ryan is totally into ninja turtles, so it works out. ;)

He turns 27 this coming week, but I decided you can never be too old for a little teenage mutant ninja turtles, right? He was a good sport about it and even helped me come up with some fun ideas, although we never did get around to making some cool play ooze. I tried to make up for it with the green jello, however. 

Ryan helped me put together these invitations using Photoshop, and he was so willing to pose for the camera. :) I think the invites were a big hit!

I pulled a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and just ripped off other people's ideas to create a fun backdrop and decorations. 

Notice the "toxic ooze"? ;) The drinks were also supposed to be labeled as "sewer water", but unfortunately, the printer was being cranky.

The girls sported their ninja turtle jammies and basically stole the show. 

It was fun putting this together, and luckily I had a lot of help from Ryan and his mom beforehand since I couldn't get a head start on a few of the food items. 
It was so nice to have family come over and celebrate this handsome man. I think the party was quite a success and I'm excited to continue celebrating until his birthday on Tuesday. :))

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