Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Welcome Home Elder Grimmett!

Today Ryan's brother, Nathaniel, finished serving his two year mission in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He had a three hour layover in Salt Lake before flying to Idaho Falls, so we got to meet him at the airport and take him out for a while! 
His flight was supposed to land at 1:15, and so when we parked at the airport garage just before 1:10, we figured we had enough time to get to the terminal and hold up a sign and balloons for him. Unfortunately, his plane landed early (what??) because he was already outside before we could greet him. *face palm*
We felt really bad, but it was good to see him, and welcome him home! Norah was only 10 months when he left, so it's funny to see how much things have changed since then. We've been trying to prep the girls for his homecoming, and they both warmed up to him pretty quickly.

We went out to lunch and spent most of the time trying to keep the girls from destroying everything.  

We only had an hour left before he had to get back to the airport, so we kind of bummed around the mall and let the girls--and Nathaniel--play on the way too expensive rides. They were pretty content to just sit on them without moving. ;)

Welcome Home Elder Grimmett!
Today also happened to be the 1 year mark of when my own sister, Brooklyn, got back from her mission! Now we just have to wait another approximate 18 months until my brother, Dallin, gets back from his. We're so proud of all our missionaries! 

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