Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend in Rexburg

This weekend, we drove up to Rexburg to visit Ryan's family. Nathaniel, who just recently got back from his mission, gave his homecoming talk, so we wanted to be there. A lot of family came in town for it, so it was really fun to get together with everyone. 

Saturday afternoon was spent at the park. The girls loved having so many people to dote on them, and ultimately push them in the swings for as long as they wanted. 

I sure love these two.

This is one of Lucy's favorite pastimes. She makes Ryan lift her to any kind of monkey bar and just hangs there, trying to do some pull ups. She's a crossfit baby through and through! ;)

Norah and her Great Grandpa Grimmett 

My sweet baby, soon to be a big sister!

Norah has only met Ryan's Aunt Audrey and Uncle Don a couple of times, but she fell in LOVE with both of them. When she saw them walking up she ran clear across the park field to give them hugs. It was adorable. Regrettably, the picture was blurry, but I'm glad someone got it anyway.  

Later, that same evening, we all drove to the nearby hay maze. The lighting and fields were all so beautiful, I couldn't resist a family picture. :)

These big farm equipment slides were a huge hit, and may have caused a meltdown once it was time to actually go through the maze. 

 Norah was still getting over the fact that we tore her away from the slide. 

Lucy, flirting with Uncle Don.

In only a matter of minutes, the group got separated. Ryan, Lucy, Amy, and I got left behind. I had fruit snacks in my pocket for sustenance. And we needed it! We were stuck in the entrance portion of the maze for waaaay too long. 

We were glad to get a text with a picture of the rest of the group and see that Norah was still alive and well. ;)

And then, what do you know, Ryan and Lucy left Amy and me behind too. Luckily we were almost finished at this point and we made it out before the maze turned haunted! 

Ryan and Lucy joined us soon afterward. Luckily I didn't hold a grudge against them too long for leaving us, so we took a picture together for making it through as a team almost the whole way.

I'm pretty sure Norah didn't even realize that we weren't with her the whole time she went through the maze. 

The whole crew (well, everyone who stuck around for a picture)
Jake, Amy, Janel, Callie, Audrey, Don, Jeanne, Norah, Hannah, Lucy, Ryan

On Sunday, we all went to church to listen to Nathaniel give his homecoming talk. He did a great job of focusing on the principles of coming closer to Christ.

Left to right: Nick, Audrey, Callie, Amanda, Janel, Nathaniel, Jeanne, Richard, David Sr., Norah, Ryan, Lucy, Hannah, David jr. 

On our way back to Utah, I forced Ryan to pull over so we could take a picture in front of the Rexburg temple. The fields are so beautiful there; it is so peaceful.

It was such a fun weekend spending time with family. I'm glad we decided to go. 

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