Monday, October 12, 2015

Our New Travel Wagon

When we found out we were expecting baby #3, we knew that one big change that would have to happen would be our car situation. Our cute little Honda Civic, which we bought 2.5 years ago, just didn't have the hips for another car seat. Besides, we knew we wanted a bigger car eventually, so it just made sense to sell our civic while it was still worth some money, and get ourselves something else.

From This
To This

Haha actually, I really couldn't care less about what kind of car I drive. Besides, it has so many awesome mom perks that will make our lives 100000000% easier when getting loaded up, especially once we have three kids, three and under.

Our first drive in the new van. Norah was so excited to be able to see so much better out the windows.

We drove a Dodge Caravan on our Oregon trip earlier this year, so it was nice to already get a feel for what it was like. I really really love it so far. Good work to Ryan for spending so much time trying to find us something that would work for our family. :))


  1. Where did you buy from? We are hoping to upgrade next year but ug. Buying used cars scares me.

    1. We bought from a dealership in Logan called Heritage. I think it was a better deal since they don't get as much traffic as the Salt Lake area. I think Ryan's big word of advice would just be to pay for the autocheck (and take to a reliable mechanic) since it is more detailed than carfax. It is a stressful business, but doing your homework definitely helps! Good luck! Minivans are so great:)