Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lucy--16 Months!

Today our Lucy turned 16 months! I have never been good at doing individual updates and just get around to them whenever I can, but with the baby coming in just a few weeks I figured it would be good to do one now before I turn into a zombie. And since I don't post these very often, it'll be kind of lengthy, so grab some treats and get comfy.

Oh, Lucy. She is such a spirited girl and it makes me sad to see her babyhood slipping away. Every day I witness little things that prove she is growing up way too fast, and unless I have my eyes peeled, I'll miss the fun little things that make up her personality.

For example:
She has an OCD when it comes to closing doors and as a result, I have had my head slammed in the refrigerator many times. And just forget about doing dishes when she is walking around the kitchen. 

Anything with a strap on it turns into a purse, and she carries it around like a little woman. She'll grab her 'purse' slinged around her shoulder, give me a kiss, and wave bye before she walks the length of the room and back, and then starts the whole process over again. I think she picks that up from Norah.

As far as speaking goes, she has learned the full force of the word 'no' and uses it as often as every diaper change. 
She likes to scream my name whenever she feels I am not paying her enough attention, but unfortunately this almost always happens when I am in the middle of a conversation with someone else. She just wants to be part of the discussion haha!

Every animal is "puppy". And whenever she sees one, she'll squeal in the highest pitch voice and whine to pet it, but when she actually gets the chance she acts a little hesitant. It's the cutest thing. When we were in Rexburg the other weekend, she pointed and squealed every time she saw the dog walk in the room.

One of her favorite words is "bye". We went to Walmart the other day, and after passing the greeter she continued to wave and scream "bye" until we were all the way to the other side of the store.

Lucy has always been a good eater. The only two foods she has consistently disliked are bananas and eggs. It was only a week or so ago that I tried eggs again (for the hundredth time) and she actually ate them! She has been eating them ever since and it makes breakfast options a lot easier. Bananas are still a no-go, but I haven't given up trying. 

Her favorite position for her new discovery of tantrums is face down, on her belly, with arms straight down on the sides and feet kicking the floor. Lucky for her, she is still at the point where it is cute to watch. ;))

Lucy has improved a ton with her aggressive grabbing and pinching. She hardly ever does it to Ryan or me anymore and has calmed down a bit around other kids (mostly babies), although I still try and watch her pretty close in case she relapses. ;) I am so glad though, because it gave me so much anxiety to have other kids afraid of her and getting hurt because she was curious and didn't know how to be soft. I was afraid Lucy would maul the new baby to death, and not in a loving way. However, I think by that point things will get even better. Lucy knows how to say 'soft' by whispering in a scratchy voice, not unlike Gollum, 'saaaawwwww'.

It's amazing to think that there was a time in our family before Lucy. She adds such a great dimension to our home and we love her so much! <3

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